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March 31, 2008

I am BRAVO's bitch

Bravo If you have a show, and you put it on BRAVO, I'll watch it. Not only will I watch it, I will DVR it. I will DVR it and I will watch it and I will call my friends to see if they have watched it or DVR'd it.  Pathetic? You need not answer that question.  Believe me, every day in every way I hear that inner voice screaming at me, "Woman, have you no shame? Do not watch Make Me A Supermodel. Do not!"  Yet, week after week, I find myself,eyes glued to our TV, just waiting to see whether Ben will end up in a bi-curious hook up with Ronnie. (Email me your thoughts on this. OMG, did I just type that? I meant to so not.)

Surely I am not the only woman alive who has chosen Kenmore appliances and then questioned whether she should now switch to GE based upon what's being used in the Top Chef kitchen. Totally normal, right? Pleaseohpleaseohplease, make that a normal thing to think. Please! 

Naturally we all give a blow by blow about Blow Out when having a hair cut. You do that too. (Agree with me. Nod enthusiastically.) Who among us has not gone over the top about something we really like. I mean, isn't this the way fads are born? Plus, I know I can stop watching anytime I want. I can just turn off the TV. I don't need to watch it.  I'm not flipping out and it's not like I always watch alone.  My family is right there!

Oh hell, I am deluding myself and others.  The jig is up. Totally.

One of the first steps of recovery, is making amends.   Elisa Camahort and Cynthia Samuels I am so sorry I "used" in front of you both during our delicious lunch last week.  I think I hid it fairly well, maybe you knew, but were too polite to say anything. I know it started innocently enough. I didn't even take the first hit. instead choosing the contact high, as all three of us engaged in light banter about American Idol; Ramiele safe, Chikezie gone. With great shame I confess I was fighting inner demons as I ruminated , Is Chikezie gone because he couldn't hear me yelling at him, "Dammit man, sing a Billy Ocean song next week!"  (Everyone makes that kind of connection. Say yes.) 

American Idol was akin to ordering a club soda and lime, I thought I was in control,thought I could handle it, I really did. Just one reality show, what could it hurt?  We were even talking about a TV station 100 channels away.  Oh man, my mind raced,during lunch, as I kept  my eyes averted for fear of calling out to the stylish woman at the next table, "You go girl! You own that look!"    But denial is more than a river in Egypt. The Addiction took over before I could do anything to stop it, my cup then runneth over and I spilleth Project Runway all over the table admitting, to both Cindy and Elisa, "I am BRAVO's bitch. I probably should find a group."

I need an intervention and beI know exactly where it will be happening. Stay tuned.

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If you are co-dependent, you visit Devra at Parentopia. 


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