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November 22, 2007


ThankfulIt's that time of year again. The turkeys are cowering in barn corners. The yams are mating with the marshmallows. The apples are shedding their skins. And the humans are busy being sappy thankful. Not one to ignore a bandwagon when it trundles by, I'm going to leap on and share with you wonderful people what's making me all fuzzy and warm this holiday season. Feel free to jump in and share in the comment section... or have a glass of wine, or a turkey thigh... whatever works for you!

I am thankful for...
... my sweet, healthy children and my wonderful, supportive husband.
... friends; both new and old
... the marvels of modern medicine
... our cozy, if often messy, home
... my laptop and its brand new hard drive
... the amazing computer guys who were able to save all my data

... coffee shops with free WIFI
... the Internet and all the amazing resources for aspiring authors
... my blog, which allows me to vent, whine, gloat, boast, and generally clear my head enough to stay sane
... instant message services that allow me to keep in touch with friends all over the world
... planes that can fly us closer to family
... my job; even though it often makes me miserable, the paycheck is very helpful
... not having to get on the road today. It's the first year we won't be battling traffic on the 580, and that is a beautiful, beautiful thing.
... and you, all you wonderful, supportive, amazing readers. Thank you all for making the blogosphere what it is.

Come on, share! What are you thankful for this year?


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