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September 30, 2007

You're allergic to cats? And other thoughts during our meeting with Elizabeth Edwards

AnaWomen with better memories and typing skills have already blogged about what happened during our meeting with Elizabeth Edwards.  She is quite a captivating speaker, so listening to her kept my mouth shut and my mind occupied.  But I did manage to remember some of the thoughts that crossed my mind while she spoke:

Wow, I didn't expect her to go all around the room and greet each of the twenty-plus bloggers personally!  What a nice way to start out.  Wait a minute, I forgot, she did that last time as well. 

Her memory is so good it's scary.  She remembered meeting Alix and commenting on how tall and lovely she is.  She remembered that my husband had watched my kids last time so I could attend, and thanked him for watching them again today. She even noticed who had had their hair cut since our last meeting!Ana_and_elizabeth

She's so comfortable talking about your cancer -- she can even make jokes about it.  In fact, the only health problems she actually complained about were the cat allergies she's suffering from today!

Oh good, she's talking about international relations; I really wanted to ask her about that.  I'm glad to hear that they are thinking seriously about how to restore the resputation of the US around the world.  Having grown up abroad, I'm deeply familiar with the love/hate relationship that many people have with the US and I know it will not change unless we make some changes in the way we treat other countries.

You probably don't want to hear this, Elizabeth, but Girl, you look tired.  And you've lost some weight.  And no wonder, anyone would be exhausted with the schedule that you've got.  To say nothing of the cancer. 

I hope you're taking care of yourself.  That's the second thing I want to ask you (author's note: there wasn't time to ask this question so I'm posting it here and crossing my fingers that EE gets to read this): Seems as though you, like many women, could fall into that trap of caring for everyone except yourself.  What sort of things do you do just for you?  Any advice for mommies out there who are struggling to find some "Me" in Mommy?

But your eyes are as blue as ever and your smile is as sweet as ever.  Thanks for passing by, and I hope our paths cross again.

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