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September 29, 2007

Liveblogging Quotes from Our Meeting with Elizabeth Edwards

Sarah will be liveblogging our meeting, but I thought it would be nice to just capture some of the quotes similar to what we did at BlogHer 07 (liveblog and live quotes). I will be updating this post throughout our conversation.

Elizabethedwards Because the information below is live-blogging, please excuse any errors or omissions (if there are any).

The first thing Elizabeth Edwards did was personally shake the hand of each mom in the room. She had an amazing energy that made us all feel at ease as well as being completely engaged in what she had to say.

On reading and responding to blogs:

There is an immediacy to blogs. If I would get approval for things, it would be 36 hours later (when asked if her writing is approved before it goes out). I mark my blog favorites and check them regularly. 

We checked your IP when we saw that you responded to our blog, and we were so excited that it was you:

I have a static IP. The guy from Whole Foods  had a static IP but should of had a dynamic IP.

How she sees herself as First Lady:

I would like make certain we have fair elections and better participation. We even talked about taking ironing boards to where women are to use them to assist in voting.


Easy to say we would go to the single payer route. For-profit insurers have been more innovative. There is an advantage for the for profits to participate. With a single payer, you eliminate that.

With Cancer, I know there is an answer out there. The question is, how soon will we find the answer?

I would like to see a greater proliferation of public health care facilities. I would like to see them where people are, like elementary schools.

Nursing shortages would continue if we don't commit ourselves to nursing education. We need more nurse educators.

We should use technology in a better way. Technology could be used to assist someone that is trained at the elementary school but then the x-rays are sent to the local university health care center. 24 hour translators so that healthcare workers could call and get language support.

How can the world be safer for our children?:

There is not as much mobility between the different parts of our society. Top 300,000 wage earners earn as much as the bottom 150 million. 

The government can't make you climb the ladder, but they need to make sure it is there.

If you are sick and don't have health care, then you will not be able to climb the ladder. People should not be worried about their healthcare.

People should not be worried about the schools. This problem is not unsolvable. We solved it at individual schools but we need to spread that around the country. We keep failing our teachers and students but we don't need to do that. This is a long term transition that needs to be made. Probably to smaller schools. College for everyone means that people that otherwise did not have a hope for upward mobility would have one.

We need to re-establish our moral authority of the world. We can do that, it is not as difficult as it seems. We need to change people's opinions about us by being their benefactors. We should participate in an effort to educate young people around the world. Also to provide clean water and sanitation. George Bush is an anchor around our neck. This is not something that will change on a dime.

We have the capacity to be safer. If you were a young Muslim, would you be attracted to this world? Probably not. But if we provided them education, then maybe they would.

John started around 2,000 community action groups. The idea is to get people engaged in their communities. He is different because he believes in the individual power in each of us to get involved in our communities. I believe he offers something different, something that can change things in this country and abroad.

Women in Science and Technology:

Incentive program that offers $15,000 per year for disadvantaged and those specializing in science and math.

My daughter participated in a mentoring program for identified women in science and math. Part of the reason that she is not in math today is because the mentoring program was too short.

We would establish programs like the schools of science and math. Each state should have those options and have enough of them so we are encouraging people into science and technology , especially women and people of color that may not get the right messages.  We reach out to the people that would not otherwise get the message that they should participate. In India, they are producing 10X the number of engineers we are. We need to compete, or else we would loose our edge we have over other countries.

Weathly people who don't feel weathly:

College for everyone is not funded by a tax increase.  It would be paid by restructuring the college loan program.  It is not income dependent. If you make $300,000 per year, your child would still qualify.

We lose 260 billion dollars per year due to sickness in the workplace. We have the capacity to re-coup those with universal health care.

We would see improvements in public school so that some that do not see that as an option could go. That has the capacity to save people in that economic envelope.

We would not ask you but if you want to sign up for our email list John will be announcing his young families agenda soon.

We are on a bad path. It will take some fundamental change. We need people really engaged in getting the type of leader that is committed to the change. How do you know who that leader is? First, how they run their campaigns. I think One Corps is a great example. We have an opportunity for real change.

John is not the flashiest candidate, but he is a leader. It is not about John Edwards as a person... If you like his hair or not... That will not get us anywhere. What will is his ideas. From the beginning of the campaign it has been about his ideas and vision.  We are looking for the leader that will change things.

He came out with his policies early and they are comprehensive. 

It 's not about the guy, it is about the vision. You can't just say he has the vision, it means using your email list and getting involved. You can not sit on your hands and expect change to happen. This is your chance NOW to change the dynamic. Now before the primaries.

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