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September 02, 2007

Just dump the minivan, and men will throw kisses at you....

Ladies, Priusdo you want men to flaunt all over you?  C'mon, you know you do.  You must think about driving that sexy car and have a hot man turn your way and give you that look.... You know, kind of like when you were a teenager, and that stare or whistle would mean the world?  Alright, that never happened to me, way back when... but it was a nice fantasy.  But this momma of two figured out how to make this happen.  Well, kind of.....

Dump the minivan and purchase a Prius.

A few months back, I came to realization that I could not justify dumping $50 to $60 every time I wanted to fill up my minivan.  I leased a minivan a few years back, because everyone else in Palo Alto was purchasing either a Honda Odyssey or a Toyota Sienna.  Not wanting to miss out on all the fun and feeling like I needed to lug around a ton of crap and accoutrement's that my kids collected, I jumped in, head first.  But I could not justify buying the minivan in my head.  Me, the owner of a minivan?  Nope.  I would lease and see what I thought.

Loved the space!  Loved being able to carpool with my friends.  Loved lugging around furniture that I found on Craigslist.  Loved the size.  But... I hated the cost of filling up the minivan.  I hated the way it made me feel - like a mommy schlepping around her kids from one activity to another.  Yes, I know that is what I am... but I hated the way I felt.  And mostly, I hated that it became the dumping  ground for all my kids crap, including their art work, homework, lunch boxes, rotten food.  It was so darn big, I started to lose stuff.  If something was missing from our house, it was probably hidden under the seats or the trunk.  Simply put, it was just too much for this family of four.

My husband purchased a Prius a few years ago so he could drive to work in the commuter lane.  Yes, he was one of the lucky Californians to get a carpool sticker.  I don't think he will ever part with this.  So while we were discussing my minivan dilemma, he suggested a second Prius.  But this time, it would be mine.  Mine, mine, mine... all mine.  I could pick the color, the interior, the features, whatever I wanted... and guess what, I jumped all over it.  Silver, with dark gray interior.  Leather seats and a navigation system.  OMG... a car that talks to me!  She has such a lovely voice, btw.  And I was driving the car off the lot this morning, I realized something strange.  This is the very first NEW car I have ever bought.  Every car in the past has been either a used car, or a car on lease.

So, back to the man who blew me a kiss.  Em and I were driving out of San Francisco and heading back to Palo Alto.  We were driving through Golden Gate Park, singing away with Disney Channel (cause that is the only station my five year old will listen to) and a man rolled down his window and started blowing kisses at me.  I started to laugh, and then gave the look ... Who?  Me?? You are blowing kisses at ME??  I didn't know whether to be excited that someone other than my husband finds me the least bit attractive or grossed out, cause he was smoking a cigarette and driving a loud, hot wheel truck that would have possibly impressed me when I was a teenager.  Actually, he never would have impressed me.... 

But you know what, no one has EVER blown kisses at me in the minivan.  And since this was in the first twenty minutes of driving my new car, I will somehow find a way to take this as a compliment.  Or maybe he was just wanting to kiss my new hybrid, cause it's fuel efficient and has a sexy voice helping me with directions.  It couldn't be cause I looked "hot"......

God, I love my new Prius.  Now to see if it can stay clean past today, cause my kids are slobs!


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