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August 20, 2007

SEPTEMBER 7th!!!! Come Join Us At The Hip Kid's Boutique Sale! (Sponsored by Silicon Valley Moms Blog)

Hip_boutique_banner_2Silicon Valley Moms Blog is thrilled to sponsor a unique shopping and fundraising event.  Come meet local designers, discover innovative, unique designs and support two local charities. Organized by Moms with a passion for fashion and charity, Hip Kids designers will donate a percentage of profits to designated charities. Our featured charities for this sale are InnVision. and Project Warm Hug. We are asking that shoppers bring and donate gently worn women and children's clothing for InnVision, and/o diapers of any size for Project Warm Hug, in lieu of an admission charge. Please save the date and join us at this community event, and shop for a great cause!.  Click here for more details.

  • Date:  Friday, September 7, 2007
  • Time:  9:00am to 3:00pm
  • Location:  775 Hamilton Avenue, Palo Alto, California (on the corner of Hamilton Avenue and Guinda Avenue)


KooresWe are thrilled to announce that Korres will be a co-sponsor of this event, and will be generously giving out sample sized Yogurt Cooling Gel to many of the attendees.  Korres natural products is a Greek company with roots in the first Homeopathic Pharmacy of Athens.  Set up in 1996 with the aim to use its extensive scientific resources for the creation of beneficial and safe products, the company today offers a complete skin and hair care range, sun care products and herbal preparations.  A team of young scientists worked closely to make this happen, sharing common goals and values.


Below is a partial list of designers that will be attending.  Please check back often to see the updated list.

Wati Wati Designs  Little girls can't get enough of ruffles. Good thing Wati's designs are full of 'em. Inspired by Indonesian parents and a childhood spent in Australia, Palo Alto Mom Wati's youthful designs capture her love of color, exotic detailing and whimsical embellishment. Finally party and play clothes you can agree on! Sizes two through twelve. 


Skipping_hippos Skipping Hippos  Growing up, my mom had a bumper sticker hanging on the wall in her sewing room,"she who dies with the most fabric wins". And the legacy continues...What started out as a quick fix for a lack of preparedness has blossomed into an entire fashion line. Back in 2003, on a brisk San Francisco summer day, and only armed with piles of fabric, and a pair of scissors, I started cutting. A few days later, our signature accouterments were added...and the rest is history. Every time we go any where, people stop us to comment on the poncho. The entrepreneur in me could not resist the opportunity. If you and your daughter are on an undercover spy mission, do not let her wear the poncho. If you and your daughter are hoping for a low profile, dash out un-noticed, errand, don't put the poncho on her. People will stop you, and people will notice and people will talk about your beautiful little girl in her cute little poncho.

Neige_3  Neige was born out of Adrienne Catrina's unique vision of sophistication and style in children's wear.  The French word for "snow", neige was chosen to designate the collection for its connotations of purity, innocence and sophisticated playfulness. Catrina's erudite eye and design philosophy were honed during her years as an assistant designer to preeminent ready-to-wear and bridal designer Vera Wang, for whom she worked upon graduation from Parsons School of Design, until 2003, when she moved to Southern California with her husband.

Dagmar_daly_4Dagmar Daley  Started in 2003 Dagmar Daley creates, pure, simple clothing for children 18m to 6 years. Innocent, playful, and a bit nostalgic, the collections  emphasis is on clothes that enhance the natural beauty of the child with beautiful fabrics, careful silhouettes,  and honest detailing. We will bring a sampling of girls and boys pieces from our archives, and our layette collection.


Abe_jones_2Abe Jones  Janel Jones and Amy Abrahamson-Perl, owners and designers of Abe Jones Designs,wanted to create clothing that these hip new moms and dads would be drawn to. They asked themselves, how will our product stand out among the rest? It was then that they decided to incorporate as much of their own original artwork as they could. With the combination of Amy's photography, Janel's illustrations, and their collaborative graphic design ideas, the two spent most of 2005 creating their t-shirt line. But, they haven't stopped there. In addition to these unique tees, they have just launched their Fall 2006 line. Included are pieces inspired by vintage patterns, but with hip, modern details. The vibrant, eclectic fabrics used are those that you would want to wear yourself


Blue_bird_collection Blue Bird Collection As simple and understated as its brand name, Bluebird clothing line for girls, sizes 2 to 10, provides the ultimate in comfort and style, beautifully crafted in exclusively reproduced vintage feedsack fabrics. Inspired by designs from the 40s and 50s, the Bluebird collection is classic and comfortable. Gentle durability, attention to detail and a fondness for finding a great fit is the foundation for design at Bluebird. Created in San Francisco by designer Stephanie Scarpulla, the line combines classic styling with the fabrics she reproduces from her own feedsack collection. Soft, gentle florals, quaint geometrics from the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s - the utilitarian but beautiful feedsacks were originally used to obtain sugar, meal, grain and feed from the mills. The resourceful farm wife recycled the printed feedsacks (about the size of a pillowcase) into dish cloths, diapers, nightgowns and other household uses. Today one can find feedsacks all over antique markets - sometimes in tact, sometimes in the original packaging - but mostly in pieces, in quilts, aprons and baby clothes. The printed patterns of these feedsacks have long been forgotten - they are simple and delicate; and in every Bluebird piece - from the simple a-line skirts to the puffed sleeve shirts - every detail is inspired by these fabrics - every detail is feminine, playful and finely crafted.

Glug_babyGlug Baby  Glug Baby was born to a husband and wife team shortly after their first child was born.  Like so many other parents, they were excited buy well-designed, everyday clothes for their daughter to wear, but they couldn't find exactly what they were looking for, so they decided to start designing themselves.  The challenge was simple - create a fresh, modern line stylish enough to appeal to hip parents, yet still playful and appropriate for children.


Giddy_giddyGiddy Giddy  Giddy Giddy was created by Teri Dimalanta, investment analyst turned craftaholic mom. She is most giddy when sewing, painting, designing and making stuff. It was as if turning into a mom 3 years ago ignited the inner artist and crafter.  What inspired these handmade felt creations for little girls' pretty little melons? The desperate need to tame her new daughter's unwieldy mohawk with something cool, quirky, and fun.  Equally important to creating adorable designs is making the clips functional and safe. These clips are intricately handcrafted with a snap clip sewn securely inside. They are designed to stay on, even on baby fine hair.


Kukunest Kukunest kukunest came from a dream to create extraordinary designs for children's spaces. As parents of young children we are constantly awed by their sense of wonder and spirit of adventure. We believe that their living environment should be a reflection of their boundless creativity. Guided by this philosophy, we set out to create a line of children's products embodying a contemporary aesthetic that is visually arresting, colorful and eclectic and above all, meant to fuel children's imaginations. We do this by experimenting with fresh new color palettes and interesting themes, all manifested through uniquely modern and whimsical designs.

BohomeBo Home Bo is a company that is perpetually exploring ideas, materials, and techniques in the home furnishing arena.  The company's current focus is on collections that use industrial materials, but in novel and unexpected ways,  The ides is to create simple, aesthetically pleasing, functional products, that celebrate the properties of the materials used.  The company is adamant in its desire to bring the highest standards of design to the craftsmanship to the marketplace, at a very reasonable price.


Albert_new_yorkAlbert New York  The Albert collection is the creation of Ulla Johnson and Edie Ure. Both have a background in women's fashion - Johnson designing her own eponymous line and Ure focusing on prints. Their combined works have been featured in Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar and the New York Times. The pair bring this sophisticated point of view to the development of their refined yet whimsical collection of baby and girls clothing. Albert's style is eclectic and innovative based on a modernized idea of Victorian romanticism. The feminine silhouettes incorporate tiny ruffles, delicate pleats and shirring, and soft volumes worked in the finest of cottons - velvet, poplin, sateen, and fully fashioned knits. With each season Albert introduces a new group of exclusive custom prints combining historical allusions with contemporary graphics. Whimsical Fairy Tale inspired motifs and dainty poetic florals prevail alongside graphic gestures of color and Neo-Op prints. The Albert collection is available for girls from 3 months up to 4 years.


AshelyAshely Jane Designs  Ashley Jane offers distinctly unique handmade clothing and gifts for babies and little girls. Ashley Jane is a one woman show run entirely from the East Palo Alto home of designer Ashley Higashi. Her designs are sold exclusively through home shows and local events. Her mission is to live in balance with family/work/and creativity.




PronkPronk Style  Designer, Susannah Furr is the mother of four children and married to a PhD student in business strategy at Stanford.  Constantly looking for ways to elevate the mundane, she became completely enthralled with the tradition of Marken women who found ways to nurture their artistic abilities in their tedious daily tasks. Pronk is about remembering the magic inherent in choosing clothing based on our own authenticity, above and beyond the trends that somehow try to act like they would apply to all of us at all times.



Live_and_luca Livie and Luca    While living abroad, Laura sent Mitzi a pair of shoes to celebrate Luca’s first birthday. The shoes were fun, funky, and unique — just like Luca! After being stopped by countless passersby asking about the shoes, Mitzi and Amie realized that it was their responsibility to share these great accessories with the world!  As mothers, we realize the importance of buying high-quality items for our children that remain affordable. We are committed to sharing our whimsical style with families who may not want to always shop at a “big box” store. By combining our backgrounds in business, non-profit fund raising and education with our love for our kids (and, we admit it, our own love of looking beautiful!), we have launched Livie & Luca as our gift to you and the little ones you love!

Af Salvaged Fashion  Salvaged Fashion is a business started in the fall of 2006 with the aim of bringing our customers high-quality stylish products made of mostly post-consumer material. For the children’s knitwear collection we are using recycled wool. The jackets are redesigned, reconstructed and then felted. The embellishments are vintage, remnants or new.  All items are one-of-a-kind or limited production.  So when you buy an item from Salvaged Fashion, you are keeping the post-consumer goods from the landfill and looking good while doing it!!

Erica_tanovErica Tanov  Subtle. Soft. Beautiful. Clean. Pure. There is a thread that runs through all that Erica Tanov does, whether it's her women's wear collection, her bed linens, the children's clothing line, or the serenity she creates in her stores. It has to do with a sense of well being. For Erica, design is the process of discovering, or rediscovering, the essential nature of things. A California native, Erica moved to New York in 1985 to study at Parsons School of Design. After graduating she remained in Manhattan, first working with women's wear designer Rebecca Moses for two years, then starting her own lingerie line. Her earliest pieces (seamed slips, italian linen pajamas) reflected Erica's dedication to the finest fabrics, meticulous construction, and subtle details. For her, quality is more a reflex than a decision. It's second nature, she explains: "I've always been drawn to things that have an enduring beauty, that are well-designed and well-made."

OlieOliebollen Oliebollen is a small, mother-owned company located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It was founded by me, Margaret Schankler, a former stay-at-home mom with a stubborn addiction to childish living. Now that I'm out of the house, I spend my days running Oliebollen.com so that you can stop running for a minute and get a little cool shopping done.  As far as we know, there is no person named Oliebollen. We haven't checked on that though, so we could be wrong. Oliebollen is a place on the Internet where you can find irresistible goods for children. We're certain about that.  Oliebol is also the Dutch word for a traditional holiday cake that is deep-fried like a donut. The literal English translation of Oliebollen (the plural form) is "oil dough balls". Less careful translators call them Dutch donuts. But we know better.  So why do we call our positively inedible store Oliebollen? All we can say is, when we heard the word, we just knew it was right. Its fresh sense of fun perfectly reflects what we do and why we do it. And since we have fully disclosed our purely altruistic intent, we don't feel that using Oliebollen as the name of our dough-ball free store does any harm. If you disagree, or you know someone named Oliebollen, drop us an e-mail and share your thoughts... gently please.

Alien_2 Extra Small extrasmall is a line of simple and seasonless separates for newborns and toddlers. Our clothing is made from soft, pre-washed 100% cotton. Most pieces are unisex and designed to be mixed and matched. Our quirky graphics and fresh, European inspired colors lend fun to function and easy care.  extrasmall handmade sweaters, hats, booties and toys are handcrafted by artisans around the world in collaboration with the nonprofit organization Aid to Artisans. This cooperative effort has yielded a richly colored and deliciously soft line of 100% cotton products that are always manufactured in an environmentally and culturally sensitive manner.

Hairclip_3Pamela Marcuzzi. While girls in Connecticut sold lemonade in their childhood, Pamela sold her flowered hats on the beaches of Argentina. In 1993, after receiving many compliments from people who insisted on buying the accessories she was wearing, Pamela embarked on turning those compliments into profits. In the last four years she has become a leading accessory designer and supplier in Argentina. Whether it was Argentina´s grand Dame of fashion, who offered Pamela her studio when she retired or the women at her friends´ weddings, who were willing to buy her already worn shoes, Pamela found herself creating accessories to please her admirers. Pamela, the daughter of an Argentinean developer, was an interior designer and a theatrical scenographer, but with the success of her accessories, she started a career no other young Argentinean woman achieved. Pamela believes the success of her design lies in her innate desire to make people look and feel better. Currently she is working on lines which include: handbags, and children's and woman's accessories.

Necklace Catherine Colmet-Daage Designs.  Catherine grew up in Australia, then moved to Europe where she studied fashion design in Zurich and Paris. Her jewelry and accessories for women and girls show a passion for color and an intuition for chic, simple and groovy. She creates unexpected color combinations using materials such as semi-precious stones, wood and crystal. The result?  Modern, stylish designs for the chic young thing and her Yummy Mummy.

Nancy_pNancy Paik.  Nancy started her own business after leaving a successful career in the advertising world.  Suddenly married and strapped down with 1 (now 2 adorable children), she channeled her lifelong passion for creating beautiful things into a home based bridal and jewelry business.  A dedicated yogini for over a decade, she brings a naturally organic quality into her designs. Some of her bridal designs can be seen at Kirstie Kelly Couture in Los Angeles and Jin Wang in San Francisco.

Aquara_2 Aquara Belts Don't miss this unique opportunity to purchase designer Aquara belts at a special trunk show price.  Aquara is an exclusive line of belts made in Italy and they are handcrafted from the finest materials available.  They are currently featured in both Neiman Marcus and Anthropologie. xxxxx


ines which include: handbags, and woman´s and children´s accessories.

Additional Designers include:

We would also like to thank Kris Lowe for designing the brochures, banners and post cards.  You can learn more about Kris Lowe and her amazing design firm, here.


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impressive line up!

Wow! I am so jealous! I can't believe I will miss this spectacular event but I will spread the word too.

A big THANKS to Jill for posting this ! I am hoping to bring together people for a great cause.

I'm in, sounds great!

What a line-up! I was drooling through every single one of those seller descriptions.

Wow Pamela---this is absolutely awesome! I wish I could be there. I will definitely help spread the news.


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