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July 27, 2007

Liveblogging from BlogHer - Branding and Self Promotion

"Liveblogging from BlogHer"....

Interesting Q&A session at BlogHer currently about self-promotion and self-branding. Professionals Penelope Trunk, Nina Burokas, and Stephanie Cockerl have some good insights about building and maintaining your own personal brand and blog. This is all being written while sitting on the floor for an hour-and-a-half, so bear with me.

  • Self-branding is like 5th grade- be smart with the smart kids and hip with the popular kids.
  • You can blog about everything! You can't blog about knitting AND politics - so pick one.
  • You need to have a unique voice and find something that makes you stand out.
  • A good way to build traffic on your site is to write posts that intersect two areas that interest you- like if you are an astronaut and write about diapers (all jokes aside) that might be interesting. But if you are an astronaut writing about being an astronaut, well, that's not all that insightful.
  • Good etiquette on the blogosphere is all about making the conversation- if you want to have conversations, blog. If you don't, then write in a print medium.
  • A way to get known on the blogosphere is being authentically interesting and being interested in others.
  • Take some risks!
  • Some good sites: www.progblogger.net, www.copyblogger.com, www.profnet.com, www.prleads.com

Oh, did I mention I didn't bring enough business cards with me? Guess I failed in self-promotion today.


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