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July 10, 2007

If you give your son a crayon

CrayonIf you give your son a crayon
He's going to draw a picture
Leaving you free to clean up the house for your mother-in-law's visit.
He's going to decide he wants to use some paint
And spill paint all over the kitchen table.

You'll ask him to clean it up
And he'll grab a paper towel and turn on the kitchen sink sprayer.
He'll spray water all over the paper towel, the dry dishes and the kitchen floor
Which will remind him that he needs to water his dying sunflower.

He'll fill up his watering can and run outside.
He'll water his sunflower and decide he's not done.
After he waters the lawn and the patio furniture and himself
He'll feel a bit chilly.

He'll rip off his clothes
And leave water puddles all the way upstairs.
He'll pull out every piece of clothing he owns.
After selecting his racecar teeshirt,
He'll want to play with his toy cars.
He'll go downstairs to the playroom
and dump out everything in his bin of cars looking for the right one.

He'll find a stray Lego wheel that was mistakenly put into the car bin
And go to the living room to look for the rest of his Lego car.
After overturning all of the sofa cushions
And he'll find it under the very bottom one.
He'll throw a tantrum because the Lego car still has parts missing.
To calm him down, you'll promise to read him a book.
He'll pull all of his favorite books out of the bookcase.
And you'll settle down in the easy chair.

Your mother-in-law will arrive.
She'll look at that messy house and at both of you, relaxing and reading.

And chances are.....
She will declare that her grandson needs something to do while she helps you clean up.
And she will give him a crayon.


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