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July 08, 2007

I Took A Nap, At The Health Club

Nap My state of mom exhaustion is something that I have learned to accept, and most of the time have I have extremely productive days. But there are some days when I need to read the signs that tell me I have hit a wall. Last Thursday morning I prepared lunches while feeding three kids breakfast, packed three backpacks, got three kids dressed and lathered three kids up with suntan lotion. I was so proud of myself that I got everyone to camp, singing songs in the car along the way.

Sign 1: I left the minivan car door wide open while I walked my twin preschoolers to their camp, petrified cheese sticks and various toys all over the floor for the world to see.

Sign 2: I stopped at Pete's coffee for my shot of caffeine and do some quick emails. I answered a bunch of work emails on my new BlackBerry but all of my replies had different last names because I did not set up my spell check functionality correctly! Beth Blecherman was changed to Beth bend, Beth bench... I finally just added "Blecherman" to my custom wordlist.....Luckily they all know my real name.

Sign 3: I had one hour before I picked my twins up from camp so I took my older son to the YMCA kids zone, with good intentions of fitting a workout in. The first thing I did was put a mat down to do sit-ups. It felt so good to lay down on the mat. I felt so relaxed....Next thing I know I opened my eyes to the glaring eyes of a guy that wanted some space to workout. I had fallen asleep. I decided to put the mat away and sit in the lobby reading the newspaper for the remainder of my time. But the more I thought about it, a nap section at a health club may not be such a bad idea...