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June 17, 2007

Give Dad the Gift of Links Linklove

It's Father's Day and like many moms you either:

A. Have a gift purchased and wrapped in nice wrapping paper with a design of your husband's hobby. The gift was purchased weeks ago.
B. Have hand made crafts from the kids with cute little hand written notes.
C. (Like me) Are too busy surviving each day to even attempt to think about a gift. Already worked out a "priceless" gift of having your husband sleep in with breakfast in bed. That is, with what is available in your refrigerator since you have not had to a chance to go shopping. Why? Well, with all the end of school parties and now the kids are out of school you don't even have a chance to sit down so how dare anyone even ask you to think about gifts for your husband..... <end of rant>

For those other "C" moms, here is a list of gift suggestions. When your kids ask what daddy's gifts are, you can say "I picked out a couple of things but I want daddy to choose". Then you can email the links to your husband's smart-phone so he can review them over the family dinner (which you will allow on father's day). There is still time to make early dinner reservations out if needed.


PC Magazine has a gift guide for the Family SysAdmin Dad, The Young and Hip DadThe Sporty and Outdoorsy Dad, The Tech Newbie Dad and the Executive Traveler Dad.

Amazon has gift guides including sections for the Well-Read Dad, Do-It Himself Dad, Well-Groomed Dad and Playful Dad.

MSNBC said forget the tie and give your husband a weekend. MSN Shopping showed a digital photo keychain and a motorized grill brush.

Action_sports_hands_free_camera Gifts.com has creative Father's Day gadget suggestions such as action sports handsIpod_doc_for_bathroom free camera, wireless grilling thermometers, remote control key locators, voice activated remote control, usb beverage warmer, multi gadget charging station and a ipod dock for the bathroom (the first of many bathroom gifts I found...).

Strollerderby listed their last minute gift ideas that included a urinal thingie. I may ask for that as a present for my sons' bathroom.

Dory Devlin from Yahoo Tech posted on the most popular dad item: a TV remote. This one is an advanced Harmony universal remote control. Yahoo Tech writers' Christopher Null listed his own Fathers Day wish list and Gina Hughes listed the Soccer Dads gift guide

For reviews on tech products, CNET has Dads and Grads gift guide and New Egg has lots-o-juicy review tidbits.

Peter Hartlaub from the San Francisco Chronicle listed the "Worlds Greatest Dad" tee shirt in his article titled "World's worst gifts for world's best dads".  He brought up a very important question: "...And what happens when two fathers wearing the World's Greatest Dad T-shirt run into each other? Do they have to fight to the death? "Irock_3

Super_papa But don't give up hope, there are some cool tee shirts out there. The BlackBeary for BlackBerry addicted Dads, Cafe Press has a super papa shirt (I may need to get one for the chief of my 3Superheroes) or for ex-rockers turned dads the "I Rock" tee shirt (ha, ha). Even better, make your own tee shirt using a tee shirt transfer with a family picture, printer and an iron. Or he can design his own tee-shirts to sell at Goodstorm.com.

The Find suggests items to prepare the family for the beach and shoes for dads.

Jobmom suggested 5 blogs for dads and Father's Day Gift Ideas with Tips From a Dad. Talking about blogs for dads, MetroDad has a previous post on the The Eight Types of Playground Parents that can be used for some Father's Day humor.

Over at Maya's Mom I found a Father's Day Gift Guide from Mamanista, book recommendations from Mir and Father's Day dream gifts from crazedparent.

If nothing looks interesting, there is always virtual gift cards.

In the end, I think GeekDad helped put the meaning of father's day in perspective. Dan Olsen posted on an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal by Tony Woodlief (a dad of three boys) titled "Boys to Men". Having three boys myself, I found it refreshing to hear his thoughts on being a good father:

"The good father, then, needs to nurture his son's moral and spiritual core, and equip him with the skills he'll need to act on the moral impulse that we call courage.....Not only do I believe that trying to take the wildness out of boys is a doomed social experiment, but I'm certain that genetic scientists will eventually discover that males carry the Cowboy Gene. That's my name for whatever is responsible for all the wrestling in my house, and the dunking during bath time, and my 5-year-old's insistence on wearing his silver six-shooters to Wal-Mart in order to protect our grocery cart. I only pray that when the Cowboy Gene is discovered, some well-meaning utopian doesn't try to transform it into a Tea Party Gene".

If none of the links were a good fit, just tell your husband he is a "good father".

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