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May 24, 2007

Why I am a Loser Mom

Forget about being a competi-mommy. I am not even a keep up, mediocre Mommy this week. I have not blogged for a while, as I have not had anything all that interesting to say. However my Mom career has been put to shame this week. I am waiting for the lynch mob to arrive at my door, and parade me through the streets as, "Loser Mommy."  Ready to feel better about yourselves?

Here is why I loose mom points this week. I attended my daughter's end of year Brownie ceremony. All of the girls were awarded patches for completing try-its. I lost the try it book back in September. I was under the impression, that the troop would complete the try it challenges together. That seems fair. All the little Brownies would then have the same number of patches adorning their vest. Nope. This was time for the uber Girl Scout Moms to shine. My daughter earned four silly patches. Her best friend, earned eighteen. My daughter cried. (Can't I just go to Nordstrom and buy her a cuter vest with patches on it?) I am convinced that the Moms in our troop, derived some sick pleasure from these activities. Why the hell else would you bother ? Do the girls really need one more thing to compete over ? I really do not need one more activity to compete with other Moms in. I surrender. I suck as a Girl Scout Mom. The cookies even make me sick.

As if failing your daughter in Brownies was not enough, I am going to humiliate myself once again. Her teacher's Dad passed away. The class is bringing Maestra S. meals. I can not cook. You should hear the gourmet dishes that people are bringing her.I keep intending to sign up for cooking classes. That is on my list of things to do before I die. In the meantime, do I order take out ?

I had been feeling pretty good about myself until this week. I have almost made it through another school year. I did not over volunteer. All in all the kids have had a good year. Looks like I need to get on the ball . I used to be able to compete in the Mommy world. I have become a slacker in my old age. Watch out Moms, I am going to throw my hat back in the ring one of these days !


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