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May 04, 2007

What this tech mommy wants for Mother's Day

GpsMy husband has done pretty well with the geek gifts.  He started with an iPod, which I use ALL the time.  This was followed by a neoprene holder and chip for my shoes so my iPod can tell me how far I've run, which is still sitting in the box but I do plan to use it one of these days.  For this mother's day,  I've only told him 20 or 30 times that I want this, but his need to surprise me may still trump me getting what I really want.

I thought I had the world's worst sense of direction, until I met my husband.  Combined we could get lost in our own neighborhood.  Give us a choice of left or right, we'll choose wrong.   

So what is my ultimate wish?  A GPS for my car.  (hint, hint, hubby!)  I fantasize about as GPS all the time! I really wanted one last year, but they were around $800 for car models, not quite in our budget.  I heard that I can now get one for about $200 to $300, which to me is still a lot, but I guess I'm worth it.  Especially after hubby got his digital video recorder.   How will this help a busy mom, you ask? 

  1. Avoiding the "just let me print out these directions!" rant to my kids as we're trying to head off to a birthday party since I of course lost the ones I printed out well ahead of time at work. 
  2. House hunting will be a breeze with just a one simple list of addresses versus the 20 pages of maps, including 10 wasted pages of that 2nd blank page.
  3. I will no longer get hopelessly stuck in a neighborhood of dead end streets when trying to avoid a red light with a long line of cars, and then have to drive all the way back to where I started to wait for the same damn traffic light.  My trusty GPS will provide the fastest shortcut.
  4. When my brain has been completely fried from the bickering and singing competitions in the back, I can still find the nearest park or drive-thru coffee.

My husband is not a shopper and tends to buy the first item that meets his criteria, so I have a feeling I'll be doing the research.  Do I go cheap with Dell?  Costco's got at Garmin one for $300.  I'll probably just ask my techie co-workers unless y'all have suggestions.

Here are some other fun toys I could use to entertain my co-workers kids when they visit.  My drawer full of conference giveaways is just not cutting it anymore.

Happy Mother's Day!


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