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May 18, 2007

Do I say "Hi" to Michelle Pfeiffer?

So, I'm at my usual yoga class this morning, and notice a very attractive-looking petite blonde woman in the second row.  I do a double-take since I think I recognize her as a friend/acquaintance and am going to say "hi."  Then, I realize I do not know her, and she is Michelle Pfeiffer!  She's wearing no makeup and looks fabulous. She's in great shape.  No one else seems to know she's there, so I start to second-guess myself and think, OK, no, this is just a look-alike. But, I knew she lives in the area and I'd seen her before at the movies with a friend and was pretty sure this was the real Michelle.

Johnny comes over to give me the ritual foot massage when I'm in savasana mid-class. I sit up halfway and whisper, "Is that..."  He interrupts me and quickly says, "Yes!"  Then he adds in typical Johnny sarcastic flair, "But, don't tell anyone.  She's been stalking me!"

For the rest of class I'm distracted.  There's an award-winning actress doing yoga next to me!  I'm not used to seeing famous people in Palo Alto, unless they are high tech wonder boys, like Steve Jobs. I'm originally from a suburb of Chicago where no one remotely famous ever showed up, anywhere.  I wonder what I would say to Michelle if we bump into each other after class?  Do I say hi?  Or, would she prefer her privacy?  Do I say "good for you" for getting herself and your kids out of Hollywood and raising them here in the Bay Area?

I end up saying none of these things as she leaves before I do.  But, if she comes again, maybe I will just say a quick, "Hi."  But, first I want to know, do you say "hi" if you recognize someone or do you let them be?

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