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April 30, 2007

Abusive Blogging

First of all, I would like to thank Jill and Beth and all the wonderful ladies of the Silicon Valley Moms Blog for letting a newbie blogger from Chicago like me test out my skills on their wonderful site. If you like it, you may be stuck reading more from me and other Midwest Mamas on the forthcoming Chicago Moms Blog (a soon to launch sister site of Silicon Valley Moms Blog). But until that day arrives, I’ll be venting my random thoughts here. Now that all rambling is aside, below is my inaugural post on SVMB. Thank you for listening.

I’m addicted to blogging. I blog when my son naps, when he goes to bed at night and just about any moment that I have a spare time to jot down the madness in my mind. Unfortunately my blogging seems to be interfering with my marriage. You see, earlier this year, during a rousing hour of Prison Break and a lame dinner of canned soup and Ethnic Gourmet Pad Thai with Tofu, I snuck away from my husband to check up on my most prized possession: my son my blog.  Thinking I was being covert in my mission, I quickly monitored my page views for the day (not any higher than the day before), went to my admin site to see if anyone had commented on my latest post (nope) and rushed into the bathroom pretending like I had done what I told my husband I would do: turn off the computer.  I was then confronted with the stark reality of my actions while brushing my teeth.

Husband: “What were you doing?”
Me: “Just turning off the computer.”
Husband: “No you weren’t, you were ABUSIVE BLOGGING.”
Me: (spits into sink)

Abusive blogging?  Who me?  Truth be told, my husband and I did set some blogging ground rules not too long ago when I spent 20+ hours over a weekend working on a redesign and name change for my site. A 48-hour computer marathon event that nearly ruined my marriage. So after my teeth were clean and my pajamas were on, I went over our rules to see if I was abusing the terms of our agreement.

Blogging Rule #1:  No blogging if my son is tugging at my pant legs to be picked up.  Or needs to eat.  Or needs a diaper change.  Basically, no blogging during my son’s awake time.

Blogging Rule #2:  Nighttime is hubby time.  No computer past 8:30 p.m. unless I have a good reason.  Like somebody famous e-mailed me and offered me lots of money for my writing.

Blogging Rule #3:  I’m only allowed to tell a maximum of 2 stories (for a total of 25 minutes) related to my blog per day.  And no storytelling or bouncing ideas off DH during any type of sporting event on TV.

Blogging Rule #4:  No asking DH if he reads the site.  If he reads it, he’ll let me know how brilliant and creative I am.  Trust him, he will.

Blogging Rule #5:  Remember that I have a real job that pays me.  Right.  Back to work now.

Do you all have ground rules for your blogging? Or can you blog until the cows come home? Please tell me I’m not the only abusive blogger out here.

Adapted from a post on Self-Made Mom


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