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April 04, 2007

One year ago....

Birthday Exactly 365 days ago, Pamela and I decided to start a collaborative blog.  We were both moms living in Silicon Valley and thought that life here presented a unique set of challenges for raising a family:  price of housing, over educated parents, abundance of wealth, trying to keep up with your neighbors, cost of living,... the list is endless.  Pamela's husband knew everything about the blog world and just smiled at us.  He knew we were neophytes  novices, but encouraged us to give it a try.  We thought it would be a kick to invite our mommy friends.  I think at first, they just wanted to placate us after we filled their email in-box with multiple requests to join us on Silicon Valley Moms Blog.  Yes, we know that we can be annoying. persistent.... and they finally agreed to take part in on our blogging party.  We had no idea where this would go, but figured it would be... well.. interesting.

We pulled out the credit card and created a Typepad Account.  We laughed that if we could figure this out, ANYONE could.  We are both technically challenged.  One year, 1269 posts, 3325 comments, 50 authors and even some press later.....we present you our constantly evolving and much loved, Silicon Valley Moms Blog, read by thousands every day.! 

Here is the first post we created!  The rest is...well... history!

Join us today as we share memories, posts and warm wishes from our contributors and friends throughout the blogosphere  (If you create a post on your personal blog about our one year birthday, please leave a comment here. We promise to link to it!).  New posts will be going up every hour.

Happy One Year Birthday, our beloved Silicon Valley Moms Blog!


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