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March 15, 2007

If Rachel Zoe Can Sit On the Halston Board, I Can Report About Fashion Week Live

Fashion_week Yesterday, Halston announced that Harvey Weinstein bought it (perhaps encouraged by his nubile wifey?) and this morning, WWD (Women's Wear Daily) reported that Rachel Zoe will be on the advisory board. Tamara Mellon will be as well - she's the founder and poster girl for Jimmy Choo. (And wow - her closet - did you see it on the Style Channel? Less shoes than I expected, frankly... if anyone deserves to have a collection rivaling Imelda Marcos, it's Tamara. Anyway, I digress...) So for those who don't know, Rachel Zoe is "stylist to the stars". She has dressed Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Garner, Salma Hayek and many more. For a while, she was heckled for creating such a cookie cutter vintage-meets-trendy look but it didn't matter because now she's become a celeb herself. The thing is that she never studied fashion formally. She studied sociology then went to work at YM magazine, then became buddies with some Hollywood hotties and started dressing them for pay.

Now Zoe's uber-fab and riding high on the waves of her fashion stardom. It's no rags-to-riches story, to be sure... (her hubby is an investment banker), but she's got a Cinderella-esque quality as a pretty blonde who dresses well. So now she's advising the king of the film industry in how to remake one of the most known American fashion houses front row at all of the shows. How much do you wanna bet more of her clients start wearing Halston? Which brings me to Fashion Week Live.

Tonight, I'm attending Fashion Week Live, the traveling fashion show and post-party put together by Naomi Campbell, Gemma Ward and IMG World. Supposedly the designer list includes Calvin Klein, Zac Posen, Badgley Mischka, Michael Kors, Nicole Miller, Nanette Lepore, and Oscar de la Renta. It's all fall designs for 2007. It's the one way to see parts of these collections outside the New York Fashion Week before they hit the stores. The San Francisco event concludes the tour. Campbell returns to New York for a make-under as she's sentenced to mopping floors for the Dept. of Sanitation starting Monday after pleading guilty to abusing her housekeeper with a cell phone. I can only hope the aura at Fort Mason will be slightly more stylish tonight.

In any case, I signed-up to be the Silicon Valley Moms Blog ambassador to the show. We tried getting a few press passes but were clearly not known enough for that, so I'm going solo, unencumbered by any sense of needing to kiss ass to sit in the back row, laptop in tow. Instead, I have a pair of decent seats and a notepad. For the record, I am not trained as a reporter and I have, like Zoe, no formal fashion schooling. However, in the spirit of full disclosure, I did a teeny weeny bit of modeling back in the days when grunge came in style, I taught a few classes on personal style and I can pirouette nicely on a runway. So expect me to judge that area with a keen eye. My partner in crime is a stylist (and mom) from Atherton who I met online (through PAMP) and who reportedly encourages an edgier look. I have no idea if she has any formal fashion training either. But we'll be people-watching throughout the evening and I will submit a report as soon as I recover from my hangover which, no doubt, will be caused by bright lights and over-stimulation from too much eye candy, rather than the complimentary Moet & Chandon. Tune in tomorrow. (And for a review of what's in for spring, see my spring 2007 fashion trends list.)


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