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March 12, 2007

Mother In Sweats by Day, Fantasy Fashion Contributer after my Kids' Bedtime

Stuart_boots_1 I kept trying to post on the Nordstrom spring trends for active moms event, but I did not know what to write. After all, I am just in mom of three boys who spends all day in sweats. I do clean up well, but write fashion commentary? My love of fashion is pure fantasy, a perfect refuge from the complete insanity of motherhood.

Then I saw that Mary-Kate Olsen is writing a about brand loyalty for the fashion section of the New York Times. She really loves her Chanel purse. WTF, if Mary Kate can do it, why can't I? Nothing against her, she is a business woman extraordinare.  She (and her sister) turned a spot on Full House into a merchandising powerhouse

Some have a strong opinion about her being a fashion contributor. Others don't agree with her and her sisters' fashion choices or say they look sad. Some even have a category for the Olsen twins on their blog. I say, if she can do it maybe I can also.

fantasy conversation begins....Dear New York Times Fashion Editor,

If you are looking for new fashion contributors, I would like to throw my name in. Here are some of my qualifications compared to your newest contributor:

  • Mary-Kate may have a blog, but my post on the Golden Globes fashion is one of the top 5 viewed posts on our blog.  If you forget the fact that all the viewers came from google searches of the phrase "hot moms".
  • The Olsen Twins are the face of Badgley Mischka (one of my fashion crushes) and I am the face of Lucy (without being paid or they even knowing who I am - but my friends all know who made my sweats).
  • Forbes Celebrity 100  has listed the Olsen twins since 2002, I am high on the list of who to call when moms need fashion advice (well at least one friend calls me for advice). 
  • Mary-Kate is invited to Fashion Week and she does not need to stand in line.  I read all the details about Fashion Week, from my laptop computer in my pajamas after the kids are asleep. Now that is dedication!
  • While the Olsen twins are in fashion magazines, I read those magazines cover to cover. One of my favorite ways to read them is with mom friends to have the group commentary experience. Early in the morning I have learned to sneak in my bedroom to hide from my little superheroes, just to have a few minutes to read the New York Times Fashion and StyleStuartw_2_2 section.
  • Mary-Kate wears black, I wear leopard with black.
  • I think the Chanel purse is cute, especially in red. But I can only use purses that can be cleaned with diaper wipes. I am loyal to quality brands, after trying on 15 different black knee-high boots I decided that I will only buy Stuart Weitzman. They look good and I comfortably can chase after my boys in them. For this spring, I could be loyal to the Stuart Weitzman red patent flats.

Ahhh, who am I kidding. Back to building Legos with the boys......