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March 16, 2007

Celebrity Cravings?, Try TeamSugar

Celeb_vote_now I was going over my morning RSS feeds, and I saw this post from TechCrunch about TeamSugar's Top 100 Celebrity List. I am already a big TechCrunch fan, but now I can add TeamSugar to the list. Hey, any site that provides a quick way for a hip mama to get her fix of celebrity gossip is ok by me. And, I do like the fact that the rankings are user generated. There were the standard hotties like McDreamy that made it to number 12, but the user generated ratings made it clear that women like America Ferrera (listed above Jennifer Aniston) are defining new guidelines for beauty. I can also proudly say that the 2nd (Angelina Jolie), 3rd (Reese Witherspoon), 5th(Sarah Jessica Parker) and 6th (Kate Winslet) highest rated celebrities are MOMS! Yeah, there is life after childbirth..... With alittle help from a personal trainer.

I have been following TeamSugar since I read about them alongside TechCrunch in the Business 2.0 Blogging for Dollars article.

"One of the most ambitious efforts comes from Sugar Publishing, founded in April by 32-year-old San Francisco software entrepreneur Brian Sugar with $250,000 of his own money."

This is so exciting, Fashion Week Live and TeamSugar Celebrity 100 - all in one week! I will definitely get my fashion and celebrity fix today. Now I can go back to putting on my sweats and playing with my boys.


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