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March 30, 2007

A Son Who Cried, Concerned Parents With a YouTube Dilemna

Orginally posted at Techmamas

"Why won't you let me watch videos on YouTube!" sniffle, sniffle, cry, cry, said oldest (8 year old) son.

"Because some of the videos are not appropriate for children, so we need to go on that site together" said concerned parents (my husband and I). They wondered what similar things they cried about as a child, but could not think of anything.

"You can watch a few videos before school tomorrow morning if you go to bed now" said concerned dad feeling relieved that he found a good bargaining tool to use with his son.

Concerned dad searched YouTube that night and found funny Diet Coke + Mentos video (by the way, credos to Diet Coke and Mentos for creative marketing and a new spin on the standard vinegar & baking soda volcano experiment, even if they had nothing to do with the video ).

The next morning.....

Concerned dad used watching YouTube videos as a bargaining tool to have son get dressed, eat breakfast, brush his teeth, be nice to his brothers, and promise to listen for the rest of his life. Concerned mom was very proud of concerned dad for his advanced negotiation skills, but was somewhat worried that she would be cleaning Diet Coke off of every surface in the backyard very soon.

Oldest son and twin preschool brothers watched the Diet Coke + Mentos video, but asked to watch Pokemon next. All the boys enjoyed the Pokemon video the best, an innocent video with still pictures of characters with the theme song running in the background.


Concerned parents took out oldest son's wireless card on his laptop and only allow him use internet use on family computer with parents in the room. The family computer has K9 Web Protection parental control software installed, which initially restricted access to YouTube. They allowed access to YouTube (using administrator level access that oldest son does not have the password to) because they really like the funny videos.