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February 14, 2007

A homemade Valentine present

Well, it's Valentine's Day again, and no matter how hard I try, I always seem to get suckered into the season.  For the past month I've been walking by the garish red-and-pink displays in the drugstores, the tasteful, elegant diamond displays in the jewelry stores, the beautiful bouqets at the florists, the array of product tie-ins at Target (Valentine's Day Play-Doh, anyone?  How about a My Little Pony Valentine 3-Pack?), all the not-so-subtle hints that I need to spend $85 to show my loved ones I care. 

I tell myself that everyone knows it's just a Hallmark Holiday, nothing says love like a homemade valentine, and we should celebrate love every day.  But I went shopping anyway.  I bought the strawberries and chocolate, the Littlest Pet Shop Valentine 3-Pack, the laser-printed stickers and foam heart stickers, the Spiderman and Bratz valentines.  I couldn't help myself; those bobble-headed  pets were too cute.  And besides, it takes too long for my daughter to make all 20 valentines cards for her classmates by hand.

But I was determined to resist at least a part of the commercialism.  So instead of a box of chocolates (that'll make him fat) or a teddy bear (that we'll donate to Goodwill) or a dozen roses (that will wilt), I've decided to celebrate my love for my husband by listing some of the many reasons I love him (which, on the internet, lasts forever).  And without further adieu, honey, here is my valentine present: 


1)   Because he has a sexy English accent;

2)   Because he does all the ironing;

3)   Because he works hard...

4)   .... and because he plays hard;

5)   Because he watches American Idol with me;

6)   Because he never holds a grudge;

7)   Because he's not afraid to show his feminine side;

8)   Because he never complains about my shopping sprees...

9)  .... but always asks for my opinion when he wants to buy something for himself;

10)  Because he's incapable of lying, no matter what;

11)  Because he's not afraid to ask for directions;

12)  Because he checks on the kids every single night;

13)  Because he loves his mother;

14)  Because he loves me.

No doubt my husband will read this tonight and berate me for talking about him in such a personal way -- for the whole blogosphere to read! -- but because of reasons #6 and #14, he'll forgive me eventually.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone; hold your loved ones close and think of all the reasons you love them!


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