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January 09, 2007

No More Diapers

At last -- my twin boys are toilet trained!!   After months of trials, breakthroughs, regressions, encouragements, incentives, bribes, tears (mine) and many, many hours on the potty, the day I thought would never arrived finally has.  As many people predicted, something just "clicked" -- the boys decided that when they turned three, they would become big boys and Just Say No (no thank you diapers, that is).

I've been dying to write this post for almost a week now (actually, I've been dying to write this post for the last eight months), but I wanted to be sure they were actually staying dry.   A couple of days after their third birthday, we went cold turkey, placed the pullups on the highest shelf, and got out the Nemo/Buzz/Cars underpants.  They had three accidents on the first day, one on the second, and have been dry for the past three days.   We've been to preschool, Fresh Choice and Chuck-E-Cheese in big-boy-underpants, so I guess it's official -- bye-bye diapers. 

What a relief.  Finally, diaper era is over.  Even though a part of me will always miss those cute, padded-bottom diaper years (they're no longer babies!!!), and even though using the toilet brings its own inconveniences (like dragging myself out of bed in the morning to help them go potty), I certainly won't miss the "diaper" part.  I can easily rattle off a list of reasons why I'm glad we're done with this stage once and for all. 

1) No more changing diapers.  No more, wiping dirty bottoms, no more mopping up messes, no more washing your hands so many times that they end up dry and chapped.  Because when all is said and done, no matter how much you love your kids, their diapers stink.

2) No more lugging around a diaper bag.  Finally, I can carry a civilized purse.

3) No more buying diapers, pull-ups, swim pants, wipes, diaper pail refills, diaper ointment, etc...  We can use the savings to go to Hawaii.

3) No more extra garbage can to hold the dirty diapers.  Our garbage collection bill will be cut in half.

4) On a similar note, no more diapers (a whole garbage can per week's worth) clogging up the landfills and polluting the environment.  Now we can look Al Gore in the face and say we have lessened our carbon footprint.

5) No more unsightly, stinky Diaper Genie.  Now we can welcome surprise guests into our home without sniffing surrepitiously and hoping the bathroom has aired out.

7) No more babyish behavior (ok, just less of it).  The twins have now joined the ranks of Big Kids.  It's as if the mere fact that they no longer wear diapers has given them more confidence.  Simply reminding them that they are big boys is enough to motivate them to dress up, brush their teeth, and sit for dinner without much fuss. 

8) No more big-sister teasing (ok, just less of it).  These past few days, whenever our 5-year-old daughter throws the "You're just a baby!" taunt at the boys, they proudly retort that they don't wear diapers, and she is silenced.

9) No more infant daycare.  We can start looking into that great (and inexpensive) preschool that my friends are raving about, the one that doesn't take kids in diapers or pullups.

10) Did I mention no more changing diapers?

11 thru 20)  Repeat reasons 1 thru 10, for the second twin.

So whenever I find myself dragging around a small boy who is whimpering and dancing around and holding his hands between his legs, vainly searching for a toilet and cursing the City of Palo Alto for not providing public restrooms in our neighborhood playground,  I can go over my list, smile and remember that we are still better off.


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