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January 26, 2007

Golden Globes Fashion Linklove: Hot Moms, Dads and a Breast Milk Pump on the Red Carpet

As a mom that spends most of her time dressed in sweats, who would guess that one of my favorite obsessions is fashion. I look at the fashion sites, follow trends, and best of all watch the award shows to see the dresses. Because it is all about the dresses. And every mom should have at least one completely superficial, materialistic, fantasy hobby. But with three young boys and the (completely out of control) Silicon Valley cost of living, designer wear will have to wait. I can look;  trying on designer clothes and shoes (that I know I will never buy) is one of my favorite forms of relaxation.  Maybe some designer would be kind enough to send me swag like they do the stars – because moms should be treated like stars!

Last week was the Golden Globes CeremonyRed carpets events are great for dress watching. And even more fun, being judgmental about the dresses. For that, I refer to my experts: E! Fashion Police and the blog “Go Fug Yourself” (with the Fuggers). Here are some snippets from their coverage of the Golden Globes. Please add your opinions. As you will see, I added mine. I concentrated on the hot mamas and papas on the runway, and added in some fashionable singles. For fun, guess who is carrying their wife's HOSPITAL BREAST MILK PUMP as an accessory. I will give the answer somewhere below. So, what are your best and worst dressed choices? The Golden Globes is a great warm-up for the superbowl of dress watching: The Academy Awards.

Overall Trends:

  • The color white or off-white is the new black (they called it “creamsicle”). With three boys, the thought of white or cream makes me shudder. I could not make it out of the house in that color dress without a mud design being added to it. But it does look nice on the red carpet gals. Of course, black is always in style.
  • Grecian is in, which fits the goddess in us all.
  • Simplicity, naked neck with earrings and a ring is all that is needed.  If you wear a necklace, no matchy matchy with the dress (says E! Fashion Police). Not wearing necklaces saves money and it is one less thing to worry about putting on as you rush out of the house.
  • Under NO circumstances should women wear pantyhose on the red carpet. Especially black sheer. Opaque stockings are in style, but not on the read carpet. I despise pantyhose, I wore them for years when I was working and it was torture. Everyone, burn your sheer panty hose and go with naked legs. And for those moms that have collected some nice bruises from playing with their kids, cover-up makeup on your legs will do the trick. Those with more time to fuss can use spray on pantyhose.
  • No puffy hair – straight sleek and sexy is in. Which is good because I have always been styling challenged, so blow drying my hair straight is about all I can handle.
  • Thin is out, shapely is in: I was so (let me say that again "so") happy to hear E! comment on numerous times that that person looked too thin (Jennifer Garner), or that person looks good now that she has gained some weight (Teri Hatcher). And most of all, that one person is the most stylish because she has not given in to the Hollywood pressure to loose weight (Kate Winslet). Finally! Does that mean Hollywood is adopting the health guidelines suggested for models. I hope so.

Hot Mamas on the Red Carpet: These are moms who have found a way to keep up their style mojo. With alittle help from, lets see, their stylists, hairdressers, personal trainers, personal assistants etc.. Do I seem just  a tad jealous. Maybe, but they still  looked hot (at least most of them)!

  • Reese Witherspoon in Nina Ricci. E! says perfect fresh - young hip sexy single mom. I say she always looks just right.
  • Terri Hatcher – White with metallic empire waist. Great to hear E! commenting that she looked good because she gained weight. Luckily bone skinny is a trend of the past.
  • Kate Winslet - In a creamsicle Azzaro gown. E! said she is a "symbol of style – no pressure to be wafe thin –  her attitude and pose is more important then her style". Go Kate, you look fabulous.
  • Vanessa Williams – She does a fab job on Ugly Betty, but what is up with that hairdo? I liked the mesh Carmen Marc Valvo gown, she is such a pretty women. The Fuggers questioned if she was auditioning for Cats or if the L in her name means light socket?  Oh Vanessa, keep it simple next time.
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus  – Wearing Caroline Herrera – E! felt the yellow short dress had embroidery that was too heavy. I think she looked fit so who cares what she is wearing.
  • Tina Fey – She chose the best silhouette for many figures: the A line skirt (Kevin Hall dress).
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal  One of the Fuggers is on a Navy kick (hey, so am I)! They and I think Maggie is going in the right direction with her navy dress for the World Trade Center premiere and black for the Golden Globes.
  • Rachel Wietz - Pretty in Red.
  • Mary Louise Parker – Tulle the way it should be, beaded strapless dress. E! did not like her hairdo, but I think she pulled it together quite well.
  • Elizabeth Perkins - The Fuggers questioned "Where's the Broomstick"? I can't add anything to that.
  • Angelina Jolie  - In a strapless gray gown by St. John couture. But why the frown? Come on, you're married to Brad Pitt.
  • Annette Benning –  Beautiful as always with white & silver dress, but the high neckline did not do her justice.
  • Jada Pinkett Smith  - Great color choice: Salmon in her Armani dress.
  • Heidi Klum - White Givenchy dress, E! says bedsheets, Fuggers say Princess Lea.
  • Jennifer Garner - E! thought she looked too thin in her Gaultier white and gold sequence gown. She is a new mom that is obviously enjoying working out again, so maybe she just needed one last fitting for the dress. But she was glowing.
  • Meryl Streep learned a few things from her role in The Devil Wears Prada (I loved that movie, great shoes and clothes - what more can you ask?). So did Emily Blunt.
  • Felicty Huffman - A real working mom that has two daughters. The green dress was a risk but all votes were that it payed off.

Some single gals that made a splash on the red carpet:

  • Eva Longoria - E! saluted her navy blue dress with a jeweled accents. If I had her figure, that would be my choice also. That dress is only for the brave, no room for love handles.
  • Penelope Cruz – Chanel black – full tiered skirt and absolutely beautiful. Chanel custom made this dress for her.
  • Ellen Pompeo – Versace, E! thought the dress may be too Star Trekke. But it did fit in with the Grecian trend (and the silhouette was nice).
  • Jessica Biel – This dress has all the "s" trends: slinky, straight, sexy and silver beads. I want the number of her personal trainer. And I don't want to hear that she has a fast metabolism and can eat anything. I agree with E! that the earrings were too similar to the dress.
  • Sandra Oh - In a beautiful silver dress, another great choice for those without love handles.
  • Jennifer Hudson - The cut of the dress is complimentary for her figure. From American Idol to glam queen.
  • America Ferrera - In Brian Reyes purple dress with (yummy) Jimmy Choo shoes. E! commented and I agree that the dress is perfect for her figure.
  • Katherine Heigl (Grey's Anatomy)– In Escada – black strapless – up-do perfect – very glamourous.
  • Kate Walsh (Grey's Anatomy) - In a beautiful Elie Saab dress.
  • Ginnifer Goodwin - I am putting her on the list because she is wearing one of my fantasy favorite designers: Dolce & Gabbana. I also saw that numerous men where sporting slick suits from D&G. But Ginnifer does not look happy in the picture. Hey Ginnifer, you are wearing D&G - so please break a smile.

A word about the Dads on the Runway:

  • Justin Chambers (Dr. Alex Karev) - I found a pic of him in the Grey's Anatomy cast picture. He may seem single on the show, but he is married with 5 children (including twin girls). I saw him interviewed on the View , and he said he fell in love with his wife when he first met her, and that she is very sexy. Bravo for also being a romantic.
  • McDreamy - Patrick Dempsey's wife is due with twin boys in spring 2007.  E! Fashion Police recommended that he take some lessons on tying ties. But he is McDreamy, so he even looks great with a messy tie.
  • Will Smith - He has two boys and a girl and lights up when he talks about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. Hint, hint - all men should light up when they talk about their wives.
  • Brad Pitt -  International super dad who still seems to find time to work out.
  • The Donald - Is on the list because he gave his kids roles on the Apprentice and seems to really listen to their opinions. And he has five children. It would be nice if he worked on his hair. But who cares, because he is Donald Trump.Willwithpump
  • Will Ferrell  Yes, it is no surprise that Will Ferrell would be the brave one carrying his wife's HOSPITAL BREAST MILK PUMP with him on the red carpet. They just gave birth to their son in Dec. 2006. Will, you are a role model for all dads. But please, tame that hairdo (picture from NBC).

UPDATE: I thought I broke the story, but I just found a post from the Celebrity Baby Blog that published the juicy details of Will Ferrell's conversations on the red carpet. They got the information from Mothering.

Some single guys worth mentioning:

And now for the grand finale, a few final words from the Fuggers. They did like some red carpet fashions. The others, well not so much. They sure do have a way with words:


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