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January 07, 2007

Blog Tag Virtual Cocktail Party - My Five Things Meme

I always enjoy seeing the blogosphere taking interest in online social games. To be fair, these games are revolutionary ....It reminds me of the ice-breakers I used to participate in the management training sessions. This game is called a virtual cocktail party and it was re-started by Jeff Pulver.  Bloggers share 5 things about themselves that they have not shared before, and then tag five other bloggers. One blogger is keeping track with a blog tree. I was lucky to be tagged by Charlene Li. Here are my five things: 

1. In college I turned down a six-month assignment as a GO (staff – fitness instructor) for Club Med because I thought it would distract me from my studies in business/computer science. When I started my first job in corporate finance after college and realized I would be spending over 8 hours a day in a cubicle, I realized I had made a big mistake.

2.  I am a woman coder and I started at the college level. I wish easily accessible technology training were available for all girls and even moms. I would be proud if someone said "That girl is such a geek".

3. I am fearless when it comes to understanding how to use any web 2.0 technology.  But I am fearful of any kitchen appliance. Especially if I have to read the manual.

4. My favorite outdoor accomplishments before kids (a form of outdoor accomplishment) were the 75 mile Waves to Wine bike ride and climbing Half Dome. With three young boys, my current favorite outdoor accomplishments involve climbing play structures at the park.

5. I am a complete “The Apprentice” junkie, I TIVO every episode. I must confess that I secretly dream of having a battle royale with "The Donald" in the boardroom.  It is true that the Deloitte quota has already been filled (I was a senior manager in a former life).  One Deloitte alum (Kelly) was already hired by Donald Trump on season 2 and another (James “The Webhead”) will appear in the next season of "The Apprentice”.  But I am not without a secret weapon ... my MMA (Masters Mom Administration).  Yeah, I bet those young punks wouldn't know what hit them when I pulled the MMA card.  Especially the ones that complain about lack of sleep! I even timed the release of this post for the Season 6 Premiere. Go James! Wonder if I could get babysitting for 15 weeks…

To choose my five, I decided to limit my choices to those that have taught me a new blog/technology trick or two. Just choosing five was hard.  On the top of my list would of been Charlene Li, but as I said earlier she has been tagged. Lisa Stone, Elisa Camahort, and Jory Des Jardins from BlogHer and Christine have also been tagged. Glennia just tagged Jill Asher and Pamela Hornik.  Some of other cool cats who also have mom blogs have been tagged.

Since I can only pick 5, here they are: Tekla Nee (editor extraordinaireSlyvia Paull (Berkeley CyberSalon, GraceNet), Sarah Granger( a fashionista and a techie),  Neil Blecherman (my superhero) and Jay Allen (The Zero Boss), who has just taught me a new google trick.


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