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December 09, 2006

Strand of Pearls or BlackBerry Pearls for Moms?

Blackberry4 When I think of a gift ideas for a mom, my preference would be a BlackBerry Pearl instead of a pearl necklace. I mean, a string of pearls may look really nice with holiday sweaters, but it does not allow me to check my email while I am waiting in the carpool line at my son’s elementary school. Have I gone too far gone in my BlackBerry addiction or is jewelry out and “practical” in for holiday gift giving? Do moms want gifts that are luxurious and frivolous or do they want gifts that help their daily lives?

To help decide, I made a (very biased) comparison of the two gift items: llllllllllll

Pearl Necklace:J0400651

  • Wear it on your neck. Goes with any outfit.
  • Have your little kids try to grab it off your neck.
  • Have little hands put finger paint on your long strand of pearls to add some color.
  • Take your pearls off to give your kids a bath and then forget where you put them.
  • See the pearls all over the floor after one of your kids decided to play dress-up with mommie’s pearls.

BlackBerry Pearl:

  • Check your email or your favorite websites while you are stopped in the carpool line at your child’s school, in line at the grocery store and while in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. Be up to date on your emails before the kids got to sleep.
  • Email yourself shopping lists, no paper required.
  • Take pictures and email them to friends and family.
  • Listen to music while taking a power walk after school drop-off.
  • Take notes during school or volunteer meetings and send them out to the group before everyone leaves the meeting.
  • Instead of carrying around a PDA, cell phone, digital camera, media player and a laptop, moms only need one small piece of equipment which will be easier to keep track of. Because keeping track of the kids is hard enough.
  • For those moms who never have a chance to read the newspaper, they can read an email sent by their favorite newspaper that has links to the top headlines of the day.
  • Go handsfree in the car with Bluetooth. Some fancy cars (not any minivans that I know of) even have Bluetooth controls on the steering wheel.
  • In Silicon Valley, moms can bargain to shut off their Blackberry only if their husbands shut off their PDAs.Blackberry5

To make the BlackBerry Pearl even more fashionable, moms can wear it around their necks. Or in a leather tote around their wrists.

UPDATE:  At the same time I was finishing off this post, Tekla pointed out a Wall Street Journal article on BlackBerry Orphans written by Kathrine Rosman. It seems that there may be a backlash already in progress from children who resent their parents use of BlackBerrys. A companion article recommends a 12-Step Program for people addicted to BlackBerrys, who are pointed out with the term "Crackberry" addicts.

To complete the Blackberry gift to moms, it looks as though an etiquette guide should be included with the manual. Since that type of information is not currently available from Emily Post, here are some suggestions on where to get that information:

1. Print out the Wall Street Journal 12-Step Program for Addicts. Use that as a warning if the device is not used appropriately. Kind of like the note I saw on an electric guitar I was looking at for my 8 year old son "This device is electric, if not used properly electrocution can result". Maybe the BlackBerry can include a warning "If users become addicted, resentment can result".

2 . Or to sum it up for those who don't read manuals, remind them that BlackBerrys should not be used in anything moving, while engaged in any family or social activities, while anyone is talking to them and most importantly not brought into the bedroom. And of course all other family members with PDA's will need to also comply by those rules!

The BlackBerry Pearl with the etiquette guide will make the perfect holiday gift for moms.


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