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December 04, 2006

Severe Driving Soccer Moms

During a normal week in the California winter season, my minivan takes a beating. After a good rain, my sons require me to drive through every puddle they see on the road, some of which are quite muddy. The bigger and muddier the puddle, the more points I score with my sons. And it is all about the points!  I am constantly pulling over to hand food back to my kids or pick up some type of lego aircraft that has fallen to the floor. I regularly drive down a very bumpy street to help my twin toddlers fall asleep coming home from preschool, which makes transfering them to their bed much easier. No matter how many mats I put down on the inside of my car, my boys seem to find the spot without a mat to leave a muddy, sticky, gooey footprints. To top it off, we have so many projects going on inside our garage that our minivan sits outside through all the storms. I wonder if other family cars share the same fate?

Bloggers While at the LA Car Show, I enjoyed meeting the women behind some of my favorite blogs. Jody DeVere (far left) is the President of Ask Patty, a site that offers a safe place for women to get advice on car purchases, maintenance and other automotive related topics. Ciaran (next to Jody) is a Senior Writer and Columnist for Mommies With Style. I am in the middle and Breanne, Ask Patty eMarketing Manager, is on the far right. Ciaran and I could not decide who's kids cause the most damage to the inside of their cars. Jody and Breanne were my source for car questions. I was afraid to tell them that the maintenance required light on my dashboard has been on for some time.  I was worried that I had caused some damage on one of my puddle adventures. Or maybe it was because I procrastinate when it comes to car maintenance because I am focusing all of my energy keeping their kids alive.

"Have you even read your car manual" said Jody after she found out about my predicament. When I informed her that all current and ex-software professionals never read manuals, she became worried about my car maintenance skills.  Both Jody and Breanne explained that car maintenance is an important part of keeping your child safe (major mom guilt, but rightly so). So I asked them what type of maintenance is important. They mentioned things like regular oil changes and to write down the maintenance intervals, from the MANUAL, to make sure you get your car serviced. Later that night I found some posts on her site that discuss winterizing your vehicles10 driving lessons that dad never taught me, child safety and my favorite soccer moms as severe drivers.  I knew that soccer moms can be type A (I am a baseball mom which is just as bad), but severe? Luckily the last post was not referring to the "how" but "under what conditions" for ranking drivers. This ranking will help drivers find the appropriate driving schedule in their manual. If they read it. I know I must be in the severe category. Ouch. To get more info I referred to Motherproof website but they also mentioned the importance of reading the dreaded car manual.

When I got home I called the dealer to make an a belated appointment for a maintenance check. I decided that regular maintenance may help counter-act my severe driving.


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