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December 13, 2006

Naughty vs. Nice

Yesterday, in the spirit of simplifying my life and curbing my rampant holiday spending, I decided to return two 14-inch Nutcracker figurines that I had bought for my twin sons.   Surprisingly (and pathetically), it was a difficult decision.  I was amazed at the angst I went through just over a pair of cheap wooden dolls, so to give you all a chuckle and show you that yes, there is a holiday shopper even more frazzled that you, I've decided to record the argument that my impulse-buying, bargain-loving, holiday-spending self had with my practical, frugal self:

Naughty Me:  Why are you returning those??  You got those on sale for $3.99 each, down from $14.99!  You will never get such a great bargain again.

Nice Me:  Yes, but we didn't NEED them.

Naughty:  Of course we don't NEEEEEED them.  But they were supposed to be Santa presents for the boys.

Nice:  Yes, but Santa is already getting them Buzz Lightyear dolls, and I know they will love those more.

Naughty:  But Santa is getting your daughter a Nutcracker doll.  The boys will feel left out and they will fight over it. All three Nutcrackers will look so cute peeping out of their stockings.

Nice:  But the boys don't want Nutcracker dolls!  N really wants this,  she has asked all the Santas she has seen this year for a Nutcracker doll.  The boys don't care.  They'll be too busy playing with Buzz to notice.   And if they do, I'll make them take turns.  It's good for them to learn to share.

Naughty:  But they're so cuuuuuute... look, one blue Nutcracker for J and one green one for P, just the colors they love ... and why go through all that trouble for just $8? 

Nice:  That's true, it's just $8..... NOOO!  That's not the point!  All these useless $8 knick-knacks add up, both in expense and clutter.  The boys will aready get too many presents this holiday season, and with their birthdays coming 5 days after Christmas, the last thing they need is one more toy.

Naughty:  But they're so cheeeeaaap.... if you change your mind, they'll all be gone and you'll have to go somewhere else and (gasp!) pay full price .....

Nice:  You do have a point.... maybe I should just keep them and give them to the boys next year... 

Naughty:  Look at it this way, you're actually saving money by buying those Nutcrackers on discount.... (smug smile)

At this point, I left the Nutcrackers at home and started out on my errands.  Five minutes later...

Nice:  NOOO!  I'd rather donate the $8 than spend it on something they might break 5 minutes after unwrapping!!!  End of Discussion!

Naughty:  Hmmph!  Bah Humbug.

I actually did a U-turn, drove back to the house, took the Nutcrackers, and before I could tempt myself any further, drove to Jo-Ann's Fabric & Crafts and returned them.  My bargain-loving soul seriously yearned for those 75%-off dolls, but it looks like Nice Me (or No Fun Me, according to Naughty Me) won this time around.... but please pray that Naughty Me doesn't convince me to use the $8 to buy chocolate Santas and candy canes.


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