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November 27, 2006

What Moms Find Useful in Cars

Minivan2 When I found out Kate Sanford and I were going to the LA Car Show, the first thing I did was visit my favorite car web site: Ask Patty. Jody DeVere, Ask Patty’s President, will also be at the show and posted asking for feedback on what moms want to drive

I decided to compile my own list of useful things I look for in a car. My son, some fathers, and even some gals I know are interested in talk of hot vehicles or accessories .  As a Mom with three kids, functionality is key.  Or at least I feel that way. I know that some of my friends own "kids can't touch, mommy and daddy’s special going out” sports cars.  I have given up on sexy or fast and just want to make it to school drop-off, grocery shopping, my part-time work, after-school activities and trips to the park while keeping the kids happy so they don't scream or throw heavy objects at each other in the car (can you tell I have three boys?).

To make the list complete, I would like feedback from other moms so please comment with your own car thoughts or at Ask Patty.  I will bring the list with me to see if any cars measure up!

Some of the things I would find helpful in a car would include: an iRobot dirt dog and floor washing robot hooked up to run once an hour in the car, a conveyor belt to take food to the back of the car along with a small refrigerator to store food, some type of hidden belt system that can be used to restrain toddlers that think it is funny to unbuckle their car seats in the middle of the highway, and steering wheel controls for all electronics (including Bluetooth).  Many parents in Silicon Valley are interested in green alternatives, so a bio-diesel option that uses cooking grease from dinner the night before as fuel would be very helpful.

More useful things would be seating for at least seven, a trunk that can store a stroller next to groceries, air and heating vents throughout the car, car seat latches that are easy to use, standard GPS system, Wi-Fi option, safety features, smooth ride, super heavy duty stain proof material used on the seats and a sleek look so I don’t feel like I am driving a school bus. Wrap that up and put it in a Hybrid and I will be sold.


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