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November 26, 2006

Silicon Valley Moms at the LA Auto Show?? This should be really interesting......

Gm_suv_2 Sometimes bloggers get the oddest opportunities...

This past week, General Motors contacted us. Would any of our bloggers like to go the the LA Auto Show

General Motors said that they would happily pay our flight and hotel, and would invite us to their bloggers dinner and unveiling of their new minivan with Tiger Woods. Huh? They explained that their new minivan has some real "fashion aspects" that they'll be reviewing.

So, we asked some of our writers.

Beth Blecherman said that she'd be happy to go as long as she can look at cars that have Bluetooth controls (for her Blackberry) on the steering wheel and GPS systems. And amusingly enough, Kate Sanford, once she stopped giggling, said that she, too, would be happy to go "as long as she didn't have to be pleasant."

We're not quite sure what that means, but starting on Monday, two of our moms will be in Los Angeles, at the Auto Show. Anybody else out there want to send us on trips? We'd like to go to Cabo, Sundance, The Four Seasons in Hawaii, NYC, shopping spree in Paris, cooking school in Italy, and, as one of our writers put it "almost anywhere with child care".  But for now, it is off to the LA Auto Show for two Silicon Valley Mom Bloggers.

We look forward hearing about the adventures or misadventures of our two new "LA Autoshow Correspondents"   You just never know where your blogging will take you!

Happy Blogging from the LA Auto Show - hopefully, they will come back with a lot of shwag for the rest of us!  Stay tuned for Beth and Kate's most 'excellent adventure'......


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