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October 25, 2006

What I didn't ask Elizabeth Edwards and other random thoughts

The question I didn’t get a chance to ask Elizabeth Edwards yesterday was that after all the grief and hardship she’s been through (losing a child, breast cancer), how can she still so unequivocally say, “I choose my house, I like my house the best” (house being a metaphor for her life). This was so inspiring to me and I want to know the secret: what is the faith, the belief, the mantra, or rock that keeps her not just sane, but glorious?

The other thought I left the evening with was how great it was to meet the other SV Moms Blog contributors. You are all so accomplished, well read, and dare I say, kindred spirits? Now that I know your faces, will I be more reserved in my comments and posts? I hope not. I’ve found myself reading some of your old posts today with new delight as I match your faces to your stories.

Regarding the pre-event fashion crisis: I had none. That is because I only had once choice: the blouse I bought a couple weeks ago when my dear girlfriend said she was eloping in six days and asked if I could come along and be her witness (AKA accomplice). You have no idea what kind of fashion crisis THAT set forth. What does one wear to an elopement anyway? But having that behind me, I had the perfect thing, no…ONE THING…to wear to meet the future First Lady. 


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