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October 24, 2006

Silicon Valley Mommybloggers Spend an Inspirational Hour with Elizabeth Edwards

We had the wonderful opportunity tonight to meet with Elizabeth Edwards. BlogHer had passed our name to Mrs. Edwards’s online team to see if she wanted to meet with local mommybloggers. When she agreed to meet with us, we were thrilled and gathered a few of our contributors and other local mommybloggers that could quickly arrange their schedules for a trip to San Francisco.

To prepare for the meeting, we ran out to buy and read her book Saving Graces. The emails were flying back and forth about how were touched (and shed tears) on the chapters about her fight with Breast Cancer and the death of her son. And how we were inspired by her honest observations and show of strength. But we did not know what to expect from the meeting; would it be an opportunity just to talk about the book?

The moment she walked in the room, we were all put at ease. She had read our blogs and was already familiar with those at the meeting. She was warm, friendly, articulate and engaged us as fellow moms or "satellite sisters" as she called it. It was like we were friends having coffee.  She expressed her support for her husband (John Edwards) and his work. We talked about balancing work and kids, having an on-line presence and women’s health. Mrs. Edwards’s talk of community resonated with us since it was the BlogHer community that brought us together.

During the next week we will be blogging about our impressions of the meeting.  This was just a quick summary, we got home too late to post tonight. More to come.....

Edwards_4 Left to Right:

Top Row: Kim, Jill, Rebecca

Middle Row: Alix, Glennia (The Silent "I"), Valerie, Tekla, Pamela H., Pamela W., Charlene(Crazed Parent), Sarah, Stephania(City Mama),

Front Row: Beth B., Elizabeth Edwards, Mary (Mom Writes), Ana

Enoch Choi is the fantastic photographer


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