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September 28, 2006

What was your dot-com bubble purchase?

Dscn0651 The dot-com bubble bust was an event that defined many lives in Silicon Valley. Some people “got out” (sold their stock at the market highs) and are now the ones building monster houses. Some lives were devastated by losing their nest eggs. We were too busy having kids to pay attention either way, but we did at least buy a really fancy couch. We call it our dot-com bubble purchase. This is a common term in Silicon Valley for purchases inspired by an investor's inflated net worth during the dot-com bubble.  And that must be what inspired us.  Why else would we buy such an expensive couch?

Three boys later, our only adult space in the house was converted to the jumpy room. It did not start out that way; it was a real living room with our cherry end tables, tech bubble chenille couch and an Oriental rug. The chenille material was hand picked from the Design Center in San Francisco. The sofa was custom made in Los Angeles. The sofa pillows were soft but always held their shape. We searched many stores to find the right Oriental rug. The end table was not as fancy but it was the finishing touch to the area we used to entertain guests.

Then one of my twins lightly fell over as he was getting up off the couch, and our wonderful end table made a cut above his eye that sent us on our first adventure to the emergency room. The next day, I donated the end table.

Next, we needed a space for the boys and their friends to play when the weather was too cold or rainy. But our cozy (which means small) three bedroom house did not have much free space. Because the end table was gone, we decided to buy some soft climbing pieces and turn our living room into a bouncy room. It is a boy’s dream; the pillows from the sofa were taken off to build forts, the sturdy springs from the sofa bottom made a great trampoline and the Oriental rug made a soft landing pad. The space was turned into a spaceship, a super hero hangout and even a construction site.

Our dot-com bubble fancy couch is now the centerpiece of the bouncy room. It was (and is) my boys and their friends favorite part of the house. This makes it the best investment we ever made.


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