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August 14, 2006

Where has all the color gone?

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In two weeks we are heading to Hawaii sans bebe for a wonderful week long vacation. It's my first time going and I am incredibly excited. However, in all my excitement I somewhat forgot that the reason behind our trip is our friend's beach wedding. Although I have known about this event for at least 8 months, I have only started searching for a dress this past weekend.
In my defense I thought that I already had the perfect dress. It's a black sheath type thing from Bannana Republic. I have been exercising my tush off so that I can fit into said dress... Last week I learned that the bridesmaids will be wearing flipflops (albeit rhinestone studded) and that the male guests had been asked to wear hawaiian shirts and kakis. All of a sudden my LBD was way too formal. (And a little tight still, but shhh, no one needs to know that.)

So on Saturday I headed to Stanford Mall in search of a not too formal cute little sundress perfect for the flipflop Hawaiian shirt wedding. That is where I discovered a total absence of color. All of the stores are sporting browns, tans, blacks and navies for the fall. I ended up finding a pretty pink and green Lilly Pulitzer dress on a sale rack. It might still be a little too formal for my event, but I think I might have to settle for it. Even a trip to Ann Taylor Loft only yealded tans, marroons and other drab, dark colors.

I still stand a chance of finding the perfect dress when I'm actually in Hawaii, but the fall is going to be pretty sad and drab.


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