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July 29, 2006

BlogHer and Local Female Bloggers featured in the San Jose Mercury News

The fabulous Michelle Quinn of the San Jose Mercury News covered BlogHer and some local female bloggers:

The print version of the article has all of the goodies so I suggest we all run and buy a copy of the 7/28 San Jose Mercury News, if there are any left. We linked to the online version, which is shorter but still a great read. I was so excited that I cleaned out all the copies near Pete's Coffee in Menlo Park, so try looking elsewhere.

Jill Asher and I enjoyed meeting fellow female bloggers and learning from the pros in the seminars during the first day of the BlogHer conference. The San Jose Mercury article compared the "estrogen-laced community-building" female bloggers meeting at the BlogHer conference to the "testosterone fueled, gas guzzling manhood" hanging out at the San Jose Grand Prix, also currently being held in San Jose. After years of attending tech conferences, I  finally feel at home attending a conference where "tech" and "estrogen-laced community-building" co-exist.  Ahhh, such a wonderful combination.