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June 09, 2006

Where is the adult music?


I had an epiphany that led me on a musical journey. It came at the end of a hard week during my ride to Target. It was a quiet ride; the two CD’s and cheese stick in my minivan CD player broke it and shorted the radio. Most other CD players in my house were also broke due to science experiments gone wrong.  And my kids were with a babysitter. I wanted to enjoy the quiet time but felt something was missing.

The epiphany came while I was loading some of the last bags of diapers in my cart for my 3 ½ year twins who will be potty training this summer. I saw the CD section across the isle, and as usual, looked for a new kid music CD. My kids listen to classical music, some old classic rock, show tunes, but mostly a mix of kid music ( Raffi, Disney , kid music compilations, and the ever popular nursery rhymes). 

As I browsed through the kids section I peeked over at the popular music section. I realized that I did not recognize many of the new artists because I had not purchased a CD for myself in 8 years. I don’t have an ipod (or would know what music to put on one), any music downloading to my phone or a Sirius radio where I could control what music is played.  I totally missed out on the next gen music and music technology because I was busy working on my own next gen. I had many good memories singing kid music with my boys. Hopefully it stimulated their brains so they will be good at math (little Einstein). But that day, I could only hear a voice inside saying “NO more kid CDs, NO MORE, NO MORE! Where is all of the adult music I used to love listening to?

I bravely headed towards the popular music section and decided to buy a CD just for myself. I realized that having children had inspired me to look for music with meaning. This led me to the Elephunk album by the Black Eyed Peas. Ok, the initial reason I knew about this album is because I watched the Grammys to see the fashions and heard all about them. Fergie had a glam dress, so I thought their music must be good.Fergiedress

I waited for a chance later that day to use my husband’s car so I could listen to my new CD. My 7 ½ year old son was also in the car. When I put the CD in the player and started singing and rocking to the music, my son was shocked. I said “listen to my new favorite song by the Black Eyed Peas called Where is the Love" (I felt really cool). I explained to him that it was a song about injustice and people getting along better. Some of my old self but improved was sneaking back. I told my son that Raffi and I had many great years but now it was time to move on. He said “That’s ok Mom, I would rather listen to the song American Woman by Lenny Kravitz anyway”. Even my own kids seem to be up to date with music.

So, should I get an ipod or use some type of new phone to listen to music? And please comment with some music recommendations to keep this svmom rocking to adult music.