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April 04, 2006

Ok, Let's Give This A Try!

A blog is being born as we sit here in my kitchen, we anticipate the birth.  Not quite as dramatic as my four labors (yes, four!), but this does pose its challenges.  However, this one I can do drug free. 

Jill and I are two capable women, so this should be easy to do.  My two older boys have blogs, but they are in school right now and can't help us.  If we can figure this all out before Kindergarten pick up, we will be on our way! Off to typepad we go... just as easy as online shopping! I have faith that my friend Jill will figure out the techincal aspects, after all she did manage to help raise over 22k in one afternoon for a Katrina Relief Bake Sale.  (only here in Silicon Valley !)

We don't necessarily think our lives are more exciting than yours.  We are just hoping to provide a glimpse into the sometimes humerous and sometimes serious issues that mothers face in silicon valley.   This blog will be yet another way for us to create community and bring together our friends, family and peers as we reflect upon our shared experiences .

Just as with parenting, we will learn as we go.  We look forward to welcoming this latest addition to our families - Silicon Valley Moms Blog.

So take a peek during your morning coffee, or on your treo in between pick ups.. Enjoy.

Pamela Miller Hornik, Co-Founder of Silicon Valley Moms Blog