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April 05, 2006

Hang Up Your Polar Fleece Ladies

Googlefleece_1Moms in the valley can often be found lounging about in comfy clothes but I think we take California comfort down to a whole new level..Women here tend to wear baggy polar fleece company logo jackets- acquired companies, defunct companies- schwag is free..so they wear it. This look is often accompanied by a logo baseball hat, often black. Once again, the company's current status does not matter- hat was probably free at the company picnic. The bottoms, always black, and not always flattering, And, the shoes, running shoes..yes, shoes for the gym and the Stanford Dish are what you will find on most Moms feet. Silicon Valley intellectuals often reject all fashion sense. Are we above looking good ?? Fashion does not seem to matter here..which is a relief and a curse. I admit,I try to be a cool, hip mom..but often fail. Just the other day I found myself in one of the many fleeces we have in our company and conferences collection. (now thats a fashion show that I would like to see. "presenting the Demo 2003 fleece vest with a yahoo hat.")

This post may make me seem vain and shallow, and that may be accurate. ( I may wear fleece, but thanks to my dearly departed grandma, I wear my lipstick. ) I am all for the business casual look in the office , and being comfy at home. ( My husband recently told me he will now only wear jeans to work-yikes, he better start wearing some dark wash like Tom Cruise ) We are a casual kind of place. I just often experience a culture shock when travelling else where, and women are not in running shoes and fleece. Help ease my transition when I travel, and please hang up that fleece just one day this week. Thanks.

This may be the first of many fashion rants.. I wanted to be a fashion writer in my youth..