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May 01, 2009

Playground romance

-3 She spends her days thinking about Jonathan.

And Trevor.

And Grady.

My six-year-old daughter Lucie is boy crazy.

Anarchy in the pre-K

Two years ago in preschool, Lucie announced that she was marrying Grady. Seemed like a good plan, I thought, since Grady, who was in second grade then, is adorable. It helped that I was best friends with his mom, Merrie. We would joke that she and her husband would move in with the newlyweds, like her in-laws did to her. That way I could come over every day, and we grandmas could babysit, drink wine and watch reruns of “Mad Men” all day. I liked how Lucie was arranging my old ladyhood so well and arranging to having a cool mother-in-law to boot.

Preschool ended and Lucie’s crush on Grady tapered off between summer break and Grady moving to another school. We still see him at karate, but now that Lucie outranks him (her brown belt is higher than his) I guess that power dynamic has put the kibosh on his attractiveness as a mate.

When kindergartener’s thoughts turn to romance

Soon boys in her kindergarten class took his place, like Trevor who Lucie confessed to kissing on the playground once. Her teacher was horrified when I told her. I explained it wasn’t her fault that Lucie had turned into a playground hussy. Since Trevor’s a six-year-old version of Benjamin Bratt, I’d want to kiss him, too.

After Trevor came Jonathan, a second grader. All the kindergarten girls are in love with him except for one of the Gracies (there are three in the class) who is in love with Ian, an elfin version of Harry Potter. More romance than a daytime soap opera!

A chip off the old block

Nathan went through a similar phase in kindergarten. His girlfriend, Madison, was blond, a year older, four inches taller, and 10 pounds heavier than Nathan. She was stronger, too. One day I actually saw her pick Nathan off the ground in the pickup line after school. Talk about getting swept off your feet.

In fact, his entire class was boy/girl crazy. Kids had steadies, and they regularly wrote each other mash notes during free time or called each other at home after school. The homeroom teacher quickly put a stop to the notes, along with the smooching on the playground and PE. Poor Mrs. S., she had her hands full with that group.

By second and third grade, Nathan thought his female classmates were icky. Instead, he continued to be interested in older, tall blonds, namely the 20-somethings who play on the University of Colorado Women’s Basketball team, like #11 Hannah Skildum, a six foot tall senior. Like his dad, Nathan likes tall blondes. Just don’t ask me how my husband ended up with short, red headed me. Maybe Nathan will have better luck.

Just like her mama

I shouldn’t be surprised that Lucie is boy crazy. I remember having crushes on boys at school, too. There was Jay, Eric and David in first and second grades, Boyd and David in third and fourth grades, Max in fifth and six grades, Brian in ninth, and Dave in 10th. I guess you never forget your first half dozen crushes.

Still, school romances are distracting and we’re a bit concerned. As her father reminds her, “Lucie, boys are for after graduate school.” Fine by me. So what if I’m not a grandmother until I’m in my 70s? I can put off my old ladyhood for awhile.

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