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April 03, 2009

Long live the party

Mail.google.com Finally, it’s April. Another year has gone by and I’ve escaped both of my children’s birthday parties with only minor damage to my psyche – and major damage to my wallet.

February blues

Nathan’s birthday was up first. We celebrated with a Wii bowling and Bakugan “brawling” party at home, and invited 10 boys from school. Eight of their moms RSVP’d and the other two boys told Nathan that they were coming.

However, on the day of the party, only three kids showed up. One mom called that evening to apologize, mortified that she had totally spaced it. Another I spoke to said she and her husband decided to let her son go to another activity, and that she had meant to call but had forgotten. I never did hear from the other parents.

Nathan and his friends had a great time. Still, you could tell that he was upset that more kids didn’t show. As a mom, I didn’t know what to think. Was this a reflection on me or my child - do people not like us? Or were parents so lacking in manners that they couldn’t call? I was as baffled as I was angry.

March madness

March was Lucie’s turn. She decided to invite her entire kindergarten class, both her homeroom teachers, and a handful of children in the other class to a party at Chuck E. Cheese. That girl loves everybody! The guest list was hovering around 35, but considering the rate of attrition we experienced with Nathan’s party, I expected 15. Well, we got 20 plus parents and siblings.

Lucie is popular with her peers, teachers, school administrators, and even her classmates’ parents. I like to accuse her of bribing all the teachers (including the ones in first and second grade) with hugs, and purposefully forgetting her coat on the playground so she can spend recess huddled up with her homeroom teacher. She’s even been known to bow to her tae kwon do instructor, shake his hand, and then give him a hug. And he’s a big, scary black belt.

Being a hugger will serve her well, especially if she decides to enter politics. She’s not planning to run for president – yet. Even so, when the Chuck E. Cheese bill came to almost $400 including tip, an order of pizza for the adults, extra tokens for the siblings, and beer for my husband, I rationalized that it was a contribution to Lucie’s political campaign’s first gala event.

However, since it’s probably only the beginning in a long series of parties, Lucie’s going to have to do some fundraising to pay for it all. (Girl, stop giving those hugs away. Instead, charge people for them!) Well, either that or I’m going to have to apply for campaign matching funds.

I’m so very glad that birthdays only come around once a year. Now where do I write my Congressman asking him to support campaign finance reform?

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