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January 01, 2009

Just three words for 2009

J0440265 I'm not big on New Year's Resolutions. I rarely make them, and when I do, I barely make it through a few weeks before I fall off the resolution wagon. Maybe it's because I make them too vague (lose weight) or something I would never do (eat zucchini), or impossible to accomplish in the time I have available (lose weight by January 2nd with The NEW! Zucchini Diet!).

So I either skip the whole resolution thing or just make a general promise to "do better," whatever that may mean.

But this year, for whatever reason, I feel the tug of change. Change was the buzzword for 2008, and I suspect it's going to stick around for 2009. So I got the wild idea to develop my own buzzwords for 2009, to apply to my own life, instead of resolutions. Three is a nice round number, and my limit for lists before my brain gives out and I have to dig for pen and paper.

Mindfulness. I am Queen of Multitasking. I have been known to answer emails, play multiple games of Scrabble on Facebook, feed the dog, watch the news, do laundry, make dinner, and have a conversation with my husband all at the same time. Enough! I have only a certain number of hours in my life, and I'm tired of living them like that. Two things at a time, three max, in 2009, and they will be done mindfully. If this means I put my computer to sleep for a few hours (gasp!), I do. My family deserves to have me fully there, as do my friends, my hobbies, and my sanity.

Simplify. I love simple things (probably as a foil to the craziness of multitasking). Simple recipes, simple decorating, simple pleasures. Not boring, or ugly, or cheap, just...simple. I'll continue in my quest to keep things simple in my life, 'cause the outside world conspires to do the exact opposite.

Yes. This is not the "yes, I'd love to make 17 dozen triple chocolate insanity cookies by 5 o'clock tonight!" kind of yes, but the being open to life kind of yes. Lately I've found myself saying "no," or "maybe later," or "please let me finish this first" to so many things: my sons, my interests, my husband, and myself. It's time to start saying "YES!" and get on with living my life.

Just three words. No resolutions, just words to guide my life in 2009. I resolve to keep them front and center this year.

This is an original post to Rocky Mountain Moms Blog. Jen also writes regularly at Never a Dull Moment.


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