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May 26, 2009

Children of the Recession

Love Recession, economic downturn, whatever you call it our current economic state here in the US has affected everyone.  Sure, there are those that are turning a blind eye or just refusing to let the recession get them down.  My hope is that those that are riding high and not experiencing any financial difficulty are thinking of those that are less fortunate.  I'm not talking about bailing out the unworthy financial institutions or feeling sorry for those that ignorantly got in over their heads.  I'm talking about helping out the non-profits that are suffering and need help fast!  I'm talking about those that through no fault of their own are out of a job, had their hours cut, or just can't find a new job since being laid-off in the last year or so.

It's such a mess we're in and Philadelphia, although maybe not hit the hardest, is suffering. 

A friend of mine just had her credit cards stolen literally right out from under her.  Her wallet was in the bottom of the stroller right next to her and a woman came right up as my friend looked away and snatched the cards!  The gall of a person to do that!  But then again, how desperate was she?  Hmm, you just never know.  Do I know for a fact that this type of incident is related to the recession, no.  Things like this have always happened.  But I can say that I am sure theft like this, and worse, is on the rise.  It's scary and really upsetting.  When my friend told me this happened to her in her Philadelphia suburb I was angry, annoyed, and irritated that someone would be so bold to walk up and just take someone's belongings while they were sitting right there chatting with other moms. 

Money can make people desperate.  Money can make people crazy. 
Money does not make people happy...it can tear a family apart. 

These days I'm worried about keeping my family fed on our one full-time income; thankfully my husband is in a field that can't afford to lay people off.  Or at least I'm feeling that secure for now.  I worry for those that lived on one income and lost it due to "down-sizing" or "right-sizing".  Older high-school and junior-high aged kids get it.  I'm sure they know full well what's going on.  I don't know what their perspective is.  Do they think adults who have been running our country and big businesses are total morons and blame us for it?  I'd be interested to know. 

And then the little guys, kids that are much too young to comprehend the situation.  Sure, they get that they can't have the newest pair of shoes, or the cool new video game, or the trip to Sesame Place or Disney World.  But does it affect them more?  I guess it would if parents were always arguing about money and how to pay the bills. 

I hope that this state our country is in will really educate us adults on what matters most...and help us shift from a materialistic, gotta have it now culture to a more unified, giving, environmentally sound culture.  I'm a dreamer, I know.


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