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WARNING: Hormones at Play!

PanicButton Why is it that pregnancy just doesn't seem to bring the best out of women? Between weight gain, a huge belly, skin issues, tears over Hallmark commercials and the ending of Disney movies, and excess perspiration we also get to deal with raging hormones worse than what we experienced in our teenage years. Ah, the joys of growing a child!

I have to admit that I'm at the point in my pregnancy where for the most part I feel as if I'm functioning rather normal (as long as I get some sleep at night). But there are certain things that really set me off. Certain things that have an automatic Panic Button deployment that I feel so out of control on.

How do I explain this to people?

I'm not normally too crazy. But let's face it, I do get a little nutty at times- which I attribute more to my lifestyle of wearing far too many hats, and my lack of ability to say "no" to taking on far too much. Recently there was an incident when a certain person in my life gave me information that just pushed me over the edge. I essentially took the information to be perceived as pressure on me, and then put undue pressure on other people. I panicked. A lot.

If I wasn't pregnant, I'm fairly certain I would have been able to take a step backwards and examine the situation more closely before reacting. Because I'm pregnant it seems that everything becomes fight rather than flight, which is certainly not good for me! 

It's rather not cool in my opinion to just scapegoat everything I do on me being pregnant. Because after all, I'm still me... just a "heightened" version of myself! But I was thinking, instead of a Panic Button could I have a Mute Button instead? 

Jenny K. is a mother of two little boys, with a baby girl arriving in August. She enjoys not panicking when she's not too busy panicking. You can also follow Jenny K. at her personal blog, or tweet with her on Twitter.


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