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One Year Ago

Family2010 It's been one year since our move to el OC.  One whole year.  This time last year, the excitement of moving to a new town/city/county was still in the air.  Little did I know what a l-o-n-g summer with 3 kids at home would be like. I went through a little depression.  I thought I would love being a whole lot closer to my famlilia, and I did (but it took some getting used to!). See, when my hubby and I got married, 12+ years ago, he took me to live in the city that I worked at so I wouldn't have to commute any where(I know, sweet huh?)

Well, we never moved out of that city.  Not even out of the little apartment.  If you have ever lived in the San Gabriel Valley, you know that its not like any other So Cal city to live in.  I totally miss my neighbors!  I do!  Yes, they were Asians, but I learned to live with them and commute with them and shop with them so much, that one of the hardest thing to get used to here in el OC, is not having a Chinese Market close to me! Still, I make my monthly trips out there to buy groceries that I can't find here.

Since my little familia is a bi-cultural family ( I am Latina, my hubby is Filipino), I felt right at home over there. When I was working, I learned to call the Grandma's "Mama" and the Grandpa's "Papa".  In the afternoon, you can see my neighbors getting ready for their daily walks.  The older generation, you see the husband walking in front of the wife.  This was my city, my barrio, my life. The commotion of living just 15 minutes from L.A. was always loud and busy.  People always moving and  grooving.  My neighbors below us were the best neighbors.  They were Latino, and through the years they became my family. 

I missed them all.  Terribly. I don't think I went out the first few weeks of us living here in Orange County.  Everything was so different. It's so quiet.  It's so clean. It's so.... OC!

As time went on, I got used to living here.  Little by little, I learned the short cuts to the house.  Learned my way to and from Disneyland.  Explored the many adventures there are, through events that I've been invited to. Then I met amigas. True amigas.  My problem was that I didn't have close friends.  AT ALL!  (I just realized that when I moved).  I've met bloggy friends that turned into true blog hermanas.  That my friends is something that I am truly grateful for. 

My 11yo has had a remarkable change in grades.  He is doing SO much better.  My 5yo started pre-school, and loves it. My husbands commute was at 45mins.-1 hour long to get home, now he gets home in 20 mins.  This change has been for the better, and I am thankful for that (and all of you!).

An original Orange County Moms Blog post.

Liz is a Latina, stay at home Mamí to three kids.  You can also find Liz at her personal blog and twitter.


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