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My Babies are Growing Up!

DSC04409 Being a Mom of two boys is a never-ending source of entertainment.  Ten years ago no one had heard of iPods, iPads, iPhones or other silly things, but now those words are common.   

We were out and about running errands in the car when I heard my oldest began to tell my youngest a joke:

Hey Kyle?


How do you spell iCup?

It only took him a minute to start spelling out i...C...u...p... (Are you laughing yet?)

The car was suddenly full of laughter.  I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes.  Of course the same joke was re-told about 50 more times.  Yes, including to the couple in line behind us while waiting for Space Mountain at Disneyland last week.

My life has really changed being a mother of not just one, but two active boys.  No butterflies, Barbie's or pink anything around our house.  Instead it's roller coasters, Lego's and video games.  My boys have brought out the adventurous side in me and I love it.  But, my little babies aren't babies anymore and it is becoming harder to ignore every day. 

Just the other day Brett (un-prompted) opened the driver's side door for me as we were heading to school in the morning.  This is the same little boy who at age three stood there holding the door open for a woman coming in to a coffee store and was shattered when she didn't even acknowledge him, let alone utter a, "Thank You".

I just hope that as they get older my boys maintain their manners and compassion.  (And yes... I am already anxious to be sure that one day my boys find someone that appreciates those same qualities and doesn't take them for granted.)


When she's not riding roller coasters, playing video games, or building 1500 piece lego sets with the kids you can find Katie posting over at OCMomActivities where you'll find Mom-isms, cool giveaways, cost saving shortcuts to being a mom and find out about fun activities in and around Orange County, CA. You can also follow Katie on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook


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