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Vlog: Moms, kids and pets

A simple Pineapple Martini toast to all the moms who give their kids the gift of pets. Whatever the pet, whatever the size, whatever the mess. 

Let's get real, pets don't really teach kids responsibility. As the Moms, we are always the ones cleaning up the mess. But pets do wonders to teach kids unspoken compassion, love and kindness.

I'm all for kids and animals, and can't understand the Moms who rob a child of such pure, unequaled joy. There just is no substitute. 

As kids, we all loved pets, begged for them and wanted them more than life itself, yet as big people, so many of us often forget that wish or best friend memory when the reality of cleanup, eaten furniture and yard size comes into reality.

I say let all the go and give the kids their fish, bird, puppy, cat, or Lionhead (seen here), and the more needy the animal, often the more compassion a child learns and the deeper the relationship.

The Bunny brought us a bunny, so I now have hay on my tumbled travertine, cages upstairs, downstairs and outside, as well as my Labrador hair all over my exotic Sapele hardwoods. Oh well. It's all good. 

In fact, it's great.

What say you? Pets for sure. Or no way, no how.

This is an original Orange County post by Debbie, a writer, mom and bunny litter trainer. You can find her at her OC e-zine site at PeaceandMom.com, on FacebookTwitter, at Debbie's Hot Topics or DebbieLavdas.com.


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