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Then came reality. The low down on Mother's Day.

Mothersday_bed_300 Before I had children, I used to wistfully fantasize about a mythical Mother's Day far far off in the future, when adorable children in coordinated Hannah Anderson pajamas would run into my room in the morning with a tray full of my organic farm raised breakfast, a rose picked from the garden (apparently in my fantasies I am an avid gardener too) followed by my hunky smiling husband saying "Good Morning to the best mom and wife on the planet" as he handed me a small Tiffany blue box containing a new charm to add to my charm bracelet started many years earlier while honeymooning in Paris. This little scene is all followed by a leisurely brunch  by the water somewhere and ending in a big nap while the family does the laundry, and housework for an entire day. Only stopping to bring me cups of tea and various desserts.

Yeah well, then came reality.

Turns out, much like everything else I imagined before I became a wife and mother, that my fantasy was insanely far from the truth. I blame Hallmark commercials for my false education in this area. I mean, what else did I have to go on? Oh sure I remember Mother's Day when I was a kid...which included a hand made card given to my mom when she woke up and before I ran out to play or someone would ask "what is for breakfast?'. See in my fantasy it was going to be different.  I was going to be REVERED. A queen.

Well folks, I am here to report, that in the 11 years I have carried the title of Mom, I have never had a mother's day even remotely close to that fantasy.

Oh sure, the family has TRIED. There was one breakfast in bed I remember...which ended up literary IN BED with me when my little one tripped as he came in the door. Nothing says 'we love you' like oatmeal and orange juice in your face while you are sleeping. And least you think my family totally horrible, yes, there have been hand-made cards. But they are usually found crumpled and forgotten at the bottom of a backpack weeks later. On one good note, The Husband usually does very well in the gift department-and the Coach Store thanks him for that.

But let's not forget that not only are we ourselves mothers, we also have mothers of our own. The same mothers we probably disappointed on many Mother's Days years ago when we were children. So this year, I am mixing it up. I have decided to host a giant Mother's Day brunch for all the mother's in our family. And I am looking forward to laughing and eating the day away with my aunts, cousins and family. Of course it is requiring me to spend the day before Mother's Day cleaning, shopping and cooking. And will require the day after Mother's Day cleaning, clearing and recovering. But that is okay. Because this year I want to give my mom her fantasy Mothers Day. Seems only fitting she gets to live her Mother's Day fantasy before I get mine.

To read about all of Marcy's fantasy's come visit her at The Glamorous Life Association, where the reality of parenting and motherhood are fairly comedic to her.

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