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Summer is on it's way. Oh No!

LanternsYup, that's right.  I said "Oh No" to summer.  Most of you can't wait for the spring flowers & the warm weather. You cringe and shiver when I say that I love the winter.  I am a cool weather loving fool.  I love chilly, crisp days & short winter nights.  Not too many folks feel the same way.  My dad has always let me know that "it is not normal" to crave the winter.  Thanks dad.  Nice to sing the praises of your not so "normal" daughter.  What defines normal anyway??  We can save that for another post.

In my last post I drooled over skiing and spending as much time as I can in my gorgeous Telluride mountains.  I once read an article that talked about reverse seasonal affective disorder.  Reverse meaning there are a few of us out there that prefer winter way over summer.  Maybe it has something to do with my powder white skin that freckles as soon as the sun shines on it.  Not just freckles, but permanent brown spots that need expensive treatments at fancy doctors offices.  The hot sun for me is more of a hassle than a treat.

Not only do I love the snowy days, I prefer the flavors of Fall and Winter.  Cinnamon, pumpkin, sweet potato, nutmeg, all of that stuff.  I like it much more than watermelon and pineapple.  I don't drink alcohol, so margaritas, sangria and "coolers" are lost on me.  I like layered clothes way more than skimpy bikinis. The layers can be form fitting and tight, but I like the warmth and coverage.  Remember veeeerrrry pale skin over here.  People want to hibernate in the winter, I want to hibernate in the summer.

The hardest time of the year is fast approaching.  Looonnggg & hot summer days.  I think this Monday it's gonna be 80 degrees outside. Now that I am a mom I have some big fish to fry.  Two kids + Summer = lots of time outside.  Going to the hot park in the summer has always been on my list of "not so fun."  You can find me hiding in the corner trying to find any small patch of shade I can.

I need to store up and gather energy for June Gloom.  Yes, we get some grey weather then, but more painful than that is the fact that school lets out.  It's me and my darling children.  My very active, need attention constantly sweet angels.  Did I mention the days get really long, the sun shines oh so bright and it stays light until past 8:00pm??  In the middle of winter we can hardly get them to bed before 9:00pm.  I fear summer will mean my 3 & 6 year old will party on 'till the wee hours of the night. I wake at 4:00am. Late bedtimes set me up for a not so pleasant days.

What to do with my on the go mini-me's?  CAMP.  Lots of it.  My babes need to embrace summer 'cause they love it.  (They are "normal" unlike their momma.) They need loads of pool time, play time and action. They will get it, I promise.  While they are basking in the sun, covered in rash guards and sunscreen I will be at my keyboard hacking away in the shade on my ambitious book proposal.  

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Marla enjoys the shade and iced coffees in the summer.  She can be found at the park (tweeting) as the sun sets with her two cute kids.  Please don't ask her for a play date in the summer at noon!  She cooks, photographs and writes for her blog www.familyfreshcooking.com. While the kids are at camp, she'll be blogging away about all kinds of healthy meals for the family.  


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