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Motherhood = Throw-up

Throw-up I vividly remember the first time Eli threw up on me… I’m not talking sour milk spit up; I’m talking full on acidic banana/hot dog clumped throw up. I was comforting that chubby toddler in my arms while he looked at me with his big strikingly blue eyes and whimpered “tummy hurts.” I could sense something was coming. And it did!

I have a week stomach. Like embarrassingly weak! I dry heave if I see Neosporin clumped up because it looks like a pile of boogers. I knew as a mother the throw-up moments would be inevitable. I just wasn’t sure if I would also be cleaning up my own lunch along with the little sickos’.

Sure enough, Eli threw up all over me. Shoulders to shoes. It was gross. But I didn’t heave-ho myself. I stripped us down, cleaned us up, all the while comforting my little man with the sweet words about the not-so-sweet event."Eli you did such a good job" (with the involuntary spasms your tummy used to get rid of the contents of your stomach) & "You'll feel so much better now" (that your projectile vomit has soaked through my bra). I even promised him an afternoon of applesauce eating, Spite drinking and play dough snakes. Afterward I thought proudly “I am now a Mother!”

This was truly the first defining moment for me as a mom. Not pregnancy or the birth or nursing – throw-up.

Pregnancy was purely physical for me. I’m one of those breeders… you know the kind of gal with no morning sickness or crazy symptoms. I gain loads of weight but even that on my 5’10” frame isn’t too much to talk about (until swimsuit season!). Birth was a surreal out of body experience (the first time) which made me feel in awe toward the event, but not so much like “a mother.” And nursing… that’s just strange!! (All you crazy breastfeeding moms, don’t get your chonies in a bunch! I did it for a year but I still think it’s weird!)

Throw-up. Now there’s an event I had to conquer mentally, physically and emotionally. Something I could never be sure I would actually do until that defining moment. And I did!

I am Mother hear me roar!

When was your defining moment as a mother?

An original Orange County Moms Blog post.

Ex-fitness fanatic/aerobics instructor, Kara-Noel is the creator of an awesome hat line for infants and toddlers called Eli's Lids. You can find her blogging about creating a whimsy home, motherhood and being the owner of an up-and-coming business over at Eli's Lids the Blog. Visit her latest envevor MOMday Morning. Prizes are involved... it won't disapoint!!


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