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Mom Bloggers Aren't Free Ad Hos, Really

If one more company hits me up to pimp their sale or frivolous whatever, I may officially lose it.

It's just ridiculous. We are asked to sell everyone else's stuff and do it for free. Hello?! We are moms, we are busy, we have kids and families to provide for and take care of. 

The ridiculous thing is, these companies (out to build their own financial families), see our worth, as they seek us out and hit us up, but they don't value the true essence of family we stand for--which is at its root: loved ones who spend quality time together and financially (and emotionally, of course) support one another. Too many Mom Bloggers get stuck spinning their wheels for free at the expense of their family because they get lost on this runaway Mother Theresa of Blogging Bandwagon.

Now, this is no revolutionary bitchfest I'm venting here; it's been said before. Which brings to the front burner, why are less and less companies getting it? 

I don't know, but cheers to companies who do get it, who value the worthy Mom Blogger and her message and who see beyond a url of free ad space. Cheers to those who pay for space (or offer other legit value she deems worthy).

So, now, what needs to happen to these companies taking advantage of innocent newbies or kind-hearted not-so-newbies? Perhaps they need to be outed, then they might see the power of a Mom Blogger.

Just sayin.

This is an original Orange County post by Debbie, a writer, mom and vlogger but no free ad pimp ho. You can find her at her OC e-zine site at PeaceandMom.com, on FacebookTwitter, at Debbie's Hot Topics or DebbieLavdas.com.


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