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Juggling: Life as a Mom and Beyond

GirlLife is good.  Really good.  I am very busy all the time and I like that. Love it really.  I could use help though. I don't love cleaning the house. Dusting, laundry, mopping, organizing.  Not so fun.  In January '09 the hubs and I realized that we needed to cut back due to the economic downturn.  We let go the once a week housekeeper.  About 8 months ago we also removed the date nights.  Cutbacks are not so fun, but sometimes they are a reality that needs to be faced.

With the cutbacks I have learned how to juggle even more.  I am on a mission to get my career to a point where I can afford some help with the house cleaning again and reinstate the date nights.  The problem is, it's kinda tricky to keep up with the house work, be a mom and build a creative, demanding career at the same time.  Lots of balls in the air at one time.

I do enjoy cooking.  That is why I started my blog Family Fresh Cooking.  I would however, like someone around to clean up my messes after I cook.  I would be more likely to have my kids help me in the kitchen if they knew how to clean or if they weren't so messy.  It's time guys.....this momma needs some help around the house.

I am writing now to help free my mind.  I workout to help free my mind too.  Not only do I love to make muscles, but I love how physical exercise makes me feel lighter.  I can juggle more when I release bottled up thoughts and emotions with exercise.

My hubs and I need time away from the kids and the house.  We have no relatives near by, so all the child care is up to us and their wonderful teachers.  I know with hard work things will come around again.  I fantasize about flying in a few of the grandparents to take care of the kids while we jet set.

We both turn 40 this year and it is our tenth wedding anniversary.  My dream "date"/ getaway is to leave town and head to Switzerland to celebrate these two special occasions.  We need to celebrate each other.  With all the money we are saving on housekeepers & sitters, maybe we can blow it all plus some on an amazing vacation in the Alps!

This is an original post to the Orange County Mom's Blog.

Marla is good at juggling the kids, cooking, cleaning, exercise and blogging.  She could use a break though.  In between tweeting and writing her book proposal she daydreams about a trip to Zermatt.


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