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I am Mom

032 Mom, mommy, mother, mama.  No matter how you say it, it all means the same thing.  You are a Mom.  So, because I am the mom in this household, I decided to post my fair share of highs and lows.

This past year: I've learned that...

not having anything "baby" in the house, hurts!

being scared to death, is scary!

I have failed to teach my kids Spanish.

sarcasm in a 10yo is one deadly combination.

shedding a tear on your kids first day of school, never gets old.

having a little girl, is not always Sugar and Spice!

no matter how old he gets, no girl will ever be good enough for my boy.

I never win, when trying to explain Christmas to a 4yo.

my son, is a pretty good cook.

how much I hated diapers, after 4 straight years of changing.... Diapers!

people can be cruel to mommies who's kid is having a major melt down.

sometimes driving with fighting kids in the back, is exhausting.

you should be careful when you give your kids, their first piece of gum.

sometimes, chicken nuggets are good at 5:43 in the morning.

yes, getting rid of the crib is DEVASTATING

you should always look for your kids, when it's too quiet!

Ahhh, the JOYS of MOMMYHOOD!

Happy Mother's Day!

An original Orange County Moms Blog post.

Liz is a Latina, stay at home Mamí to three kids.  You can also find Liz at her personal blog and twitter.


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